"Mommy! Daddy!" Susie wailed, jumping in between her parents in their bed and instantly awakening them.

"What is it?" the mother asked with concern, turning on a bedside light.

"I keep hearing these noises coming from my room!"

"What noises?"

"Wha... app... end?" a teenaged girl mumbled from the door.

Susie swiftly turned and saw her older sister, Ann, rubbing her eyes and approaching the foot of the bed.

"I think there's ghosts in my room! These weird creaking sounds keep waking me up! I wanna move back home!"

"We are at home, Susie," the father noted.

This was the first night that the family spent in their new house.

"Could Ann sleep in my bed for the night? She ain't scared of nothing. She might be able to keep the ghosts away."

"If it'll make you feel safer," the father yawned. "Ann, your sister had a nightmare..."

"No, it wasn't a nightmare! There's ghosts in my room! I heard them!"

"Shh!" the mother hushed.

"Sleep with her tonight," the father said, ignoring the child's denial of his earlier statement.

"Okay," Ann said.

Reluctantly, Susie got out of bed and left the room with her sister.

The sisters got into the bed side-by-side. Susie felt a little better now, but could not sleep. Ann pulled the sheets over them and immediately drifted off. After laying awake and hearing nothing for a long time, Susie went to sleep.

The next morning, the girls were found brutally murdered in the blood-soaked bed. Susie's upper back rested on her sister's outstretched right arm. Tears of blood from their empty, blood-pooled eye sockets stained their cheeks. Smiles were carved up to their ears.

Their parents left the house and dialed 911.

After the girls' bodies were removed, the police searched the bedroom. Upon noticing a small hole in the wall near the bedroom closet, an officer peered inside.

Stocked food and drinks, a mattress, and a toilet were found in there.

On the mattress laid a dirty, long-haired man. A bloody butcher knife sat on the wooden floor in front of him.

The police found and rushed through the entrance of the hidden room. They arrested and identified the man as a fugitive who was a former resident of the home.

Two years ago, the man had killed several people in that town, and was never seen or heard from again until that night.

The killer had been living in a secret room within Susie's bedroom the whole time.

The moral of the story is, when moving into a new house, make sure you're the only one(s) living there!

A/N: Yes, I did base this story on the Jack Vance book, Bad Ronald.