My eyes stared at the send button as my right index finger froze a few centimeters above my mouse.

Should I send it?

The thumping of my heart grew louder as I continued to stare at the email I had typed up at the spur of the moment. I could feel the temperature of my body rising as my finger grew ever so dangerously close to clicking that mouse. The arrow cursor already in position on the screen right above the send button.

Am I crazy? I must be crazy.

Twenty minutes have passed since I've re-read and re-written the message…several times. I close my eyes and try very hard to figure out if this is the right thing to do. So I did the only thing I could think of.

"God, if you think I should not send this email, please do something to stop me now!"

With my eyes still closed, I waited. When nothing out of the ordinary happens I mumble a quick "Amen," open my eyes and before I could change my mind, I clicked the send button.


There's no turning back now. I have sent it. I just emailed my confession to the guy I like. Well, more like…the man I like. After all, he's a bit older than me. Well…a lot older than me. But that hasn't really affected my feelings. Age is just a number, right? Except… the number of difference of our age is in the double digits. 16 years is no big deal, right? Except…that makes him almost old enough to be my father…

Oh..crap. What did I just get myself into?