Title: Pretty Eyed Boys
Author: Vaudeville
Rating: T; due to language and implied adult situations
Date Started: July 16th, 2009
Summary: Cassidy thought she was okay with just her job to keep her happy. That all changed when her little sister shows up at her apartment with a huge rock on her finger. Sharon's impending wedding makes Cass realize how desperate she is to find the one. Enter Schuyler, the best friend who never grew up. When the wild child initiates Operation: Find Mr Right, Cassidy finds herself spending her weekends trolling the clubs looking for men- never a smart idea in Cassidy's opinion. Unfortunately, the mission is not going exactly as planned, especially when Cassidy meets the cute but very sarcastic doctor across the hall.



It Started Out With A Ring



"I'm getting married!"

I couldn't believe my ears. My little sister, the record holder of some of the shortest relationships ever recorded, was tying the knot? I stared, wide-eyed, at Sharon. "Wait, what?"

When Sharon called me ten minutes ago to inform me that she was coming over, I figured she'd show up outside my door in tears, as she usually did. She meant well, she really did, but Sharon had always had a problem with getting into a relationship and actually staying in it. She would meet the guy and decide that she was in love with him within the first five minutes. This was always a problem because when they started to date- and they always did, Sharon was gorgeous- she would realize that, maybe, he wasn't quite who she thought he was. Then, she'd show up on my figurative doorstep- there's no actual doorstep as I live in an apartment- broken-hearted and crying her eyes out.

So, it's easy to see why I was so surprised when she dashed through my apartment, squealing loudly, and threw her arms around me. She had then proceeded to screech her news into my ear. I winced and pushed her away. I hadn't even been aware that she had been in any relationship, let alone a serious one.

"Tyler asked me to marry him and, of course, I said yes!"

I flopped down onto my couch. "Who's Tyler?"

"Oh, you old maid, you don't remember anything," Sharon giggled. "I met him two weeks ago on the subway."

I once again found myself staring at her. "Two weeks ago? And you're getting married? After only two weeks?" I couldn't quite grasp the concept.

She sat down on the couch beside me and slapped my arm. "Cass, when you're in love, you're in love. It doesn't matter how long you've known them. I couldn't see myself spending my life with anyone other than Tyler." She smiled brightly at me.

"So, you're really getting married?" I asked slumping back against the arm of the couch, feeling a bit deflated.

She giggled again and shoved her hand into my face. "Yes!" I had to move my head back so that the giant rock on her finger wouldn't poke my eye out.

"Jeez, why was he on the subway if he can afford a ring like this?" I asked, in awe of the diamond.

"It's nice, isn't it? Tyler likes to spoil me."

"So," I began. "You're happy?"

She nodded. The smile had not left her face once since she'd entered my apartment.

"Then, I'm happy for you too," I said, pulling my baby sister into a hug, a tight smile plastered on my face.

I was happy for her, I really was, but I couldn't help but feel that, like the rest of her relationships, this would only end in tears. There was also the fact that I was nearing thirty and my little sister was getting married before I was.


"Cassidy, you really need to calm down." Allison took a sip of wine and raised her eyebrow at me.

I grabbed a tissue from the box and blew my nose. "I know I'm being an idiot but I turn thirty in a year and a half and I have yet to find a guy that I'm interested in spending three hours with, let alone a lifetime." Another few tears ran down my cheeks at the thought.

Allison shook her head. "You are completely over-reacting. Thirty isn't as old as you think it is."

A sob escaped me. "You're one to talk, Ally. You're already married. And to the most perfect man in the world, might I add."

Allison laughed sarcastically. "Yeah, perfect." She waved her near-empty wine glass around the room. I couldn't really see what she was complaining about, so Scott had yet to give up his bachelor pad furniture. I liked the leather recliner and the lady leg lamp, which constantly reminded me of A Christmas Story- my absolute favourite Christmas movie about a Red Ryder BB Gun, actually the only one.

Burying my face in my hands, I heaved a huge sigh. "I can't believe I'm crying because my sister is getting married. I should be happy."

Ally drained her glass and set it down on her mahogany coffee table, but not before making sure there was a coaster there to protect the wood from any sort of marking that could develop. "Do you want another glass? 'Cause I could sure use one."

I glanced at my glass, which was also on a coaster, and noticed it was once again empty. Now I understood why I'd suddenly started crying. I always got weepy when I drank wine, especially in excess. "Fill me up."

Ally heaved herself up from the couch and grabbed my cup, making very hasty getaway into the kitchen. I knew I was being pathetic and that Ally would probably rather be having a bikini wax than sit here and listen to me whine. But, hey, she was my best friend practically since birth and the job came with the title.

I had grabbed another tissue and was wiping my eyes when Ally returned into the room. She handed me my glass, which was full to the rim with white wine. I silently thanked her for thinking ahead at such a dire time. When I was upset, I tended to really down the alcohol and another very full glass was just what I needed at the moment.

"You're not trying to get me so drunk that I'll pass out and stop complaining, are you?" I asked. It was only now that I noticed that my voice was slightly slurred, which usually would embarrass me but I'd witnessed a drunk Ally numerous times and she was much worse than I.

"Trust me, honey, I'm not trying to get you drunk. There's nothing worse than drunk Cassidy. I would just kick you out if I really wanted," Ally said, tucking her legs up under her and twirling a strand of blonde hair around her finger.

"I'm sorry I'm such a pathetic mess," I sniffed.

Ally shrugged. "Meh, at least it got Scott out of the house for a while." When Ally's husband had opened the door to see me red-eyed and blotchy, he couldn't have gotten out of here faster.

"Why do you put up with me?" I asked feebly, leaning my head onto her shoulder.

"I guess it's just nice to see you. You're working all the time lately," she said, rubbing my back.

I sighed and put my wine glass down on my designated coaster. "I feel like such a snob. It's been a while since we've had a chance to hang out and when we finally do, all I do is complain about my life."

Ally smiled slightly. "Cass, it's fine. I've been busy too."

I sniffled and wiped my runny nose on the sleeve of my sweater and laid my head back onto her shoulder. "Let's do something this weekend," I suggested.

She chuckled- I assume because of my slurs- and I felt her shoulder move as she nodded her head. "That sounds good. What do you want to do?"

"How about we rent some movies and gorge ourselves on Ben and Jerry's?" I was drunk but I still knew a good time when I heard it and that night sounded, to me at least, as good as any.

"No." I pushed away from her and stared.

"Oh? And what would you like to do instead?" I was offended and I wasn't sure why.

"Cassidy, you need to lighten up and have fun once in a while. That's why you're so upset about your sister getting married. It's not because you're alone, it's because you're not living. I'm calling Schuyler and we're going out on Saturday." She threw her arm around my shoulder and jostled me, which wasn't the greatest idea as I was feeling a bit nauseous.

I steadied myself and pushed her arm off of me. "Um, I think I might be busy on Saturday after all." It wasn't that I didn't like Schuyler, she was one of my best friends, but sometimes I just couldn't handle how intensely she partied.

A smile bloomed on Ally's face. She leaned forward and grabbed my wine off of the table before shoving it into my hand. "Drink up, you'll feel differently about this later."

I shook my head but took a sip anyway. "I guarantee I won't."

She placed her finger on the base of the wine glass and tipped the cup closer to my face so that more wine sloshed into my mouth. I swallowed quickly so I could prevent an alcohol drowning.

"Even if you don't, you have to come. It was your idea and who knows when you'll be free again." Ally pouted her lips out and her eyes got watery. I knew she wasn't upset but that didn't stop me from feeling bad about neglecting my best friend. The girl really knew how to take advantage of me.

"Fine," I said. "But I'm gonna have to be hella drunk. And now is a good time to start." I raised my glass to my lips and chugged down the remainder of the alcohol.

I woke, on Ally's couch, to a raging headache and the sound of my phone vibrating. Wiping away some of the drool that had run down my chin, I sat up, my head spinning, and grabbed the phone. The voice on the other end didn't sound very impressed.

"Cassidy, where have you been? I've been calling you for hours."

"What time is it?" I groaned, pushing my mass of black hair back from my face.

"It's nine A.M. and I'm still waiting for my soy latte," my boss snapped. "Are you drunk?"

"I was last night. Give me a minute, David. I have a bastard of a headache and you shouting at me is really not helping." I most definitely would not be talking this way to my boss if I had been of right mind, but right now, all I could focus on was my pounding head and my cotton mouth.

"Cassidy, get here. Now!"

"Cassidy, get here. Now," I mocked in a fake falsetto. Luckily, the only response was the dial tone.



A/N: It's short but it's a start. This is the new story, folks. Hope you enjoy. Fear not, the chapters do get longer. This is just a bit of an introduction.

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