The Sport

By: Olivia Brayan

Love is a sport

There are winners and losers, they come in pairs

And the points are like dares

With the little things we do,

The mistakes we give and take

The apologies we make.

This game of ours is indescribable, but still it would continue on without us

Even though the rules are lost in the cold dusty past of a ref's book

I remember talking.

Now I forget the sounds and how they were made

I didn't like how the words changed you

As for what I'm questioning, the new answers are not for me to say

Cause even though love you I did and even with the half a person I now am

I have not a place that will do

For a candle I refuse to hold for you

You and I, we're on our own and the farther the better

Each holding a fraction of their "better half" trying to forget what was left behind with the other

Even with the system out of date,

I would rather not remember our fate