No one ever likes the new girl, and she can't blame this stereotypical saying because its true. As soon as she stepped into that parking lot, she could feel a million and one stares burning at the back of her head.

Born from two hippies at 1993, Anima had never been too good around a crowd. Living in a cabin in the middle of the woods to: "interact with mother earth" and "bless her for what she has given us" as her parents say. Listening to John Lennon and musing and her father's stories at how he had met her mother at the 1969 Woodstock. That's right…her parents were the typical weed smoking, peace lovin hippies. But of course she still loved them…but why wouldn't she? They are her parents.

Back to subject.

Not really appealing to crowds, Anima immediately felt a tad bit nervous and self conscious. But then again, who wouldn't? she clutched her handmade messenger bag, fastened her big, black framed glasses, and tried to fix her wild and wavy black hair.

There were mummers (of course there were) every where she went.

Poor thing, probably hasn't been introduced to a thing called fashion yet. How sad.

She looked down at her faded over-sized Santana t-shirt (it was her fathers), ripped jeans and army green converse she blushed, but thought that she looked fine. She had her fathers lucky guitar pick, her mothers first Mardi Gras beads and her first CD: Abbey Road by The Beatles.

Don't let them get to you Anima. You're alright…I think

After many awkward introductions in every class she finally was in her favorite class: Art. When she entered the room that also brought a lot of whispers and talking (of course)

How typical. Of course the hippy would be in Art.

Others were like:

An aspiring artist, aww how sweet.

But she was pretty sure they meant: aww, how sad.

She sat down on the easel with a fresh new canvas and her art supplies already out. She had met her teacher Ms. Whiten, which reminded her of toothpaste and bleach (she couldn't decide which one was whiter) and was very nice. She begged her to skip the awkward intro's and just let go along with the class, which she happily obliged (she was very grateful for that).

"Hello everybody and welcome back! Hope you've all had a wonderful summer because guess what? Its over so suck it up!" There were many groans all around her, but she just had to laugh at her antics. Too funny.

"Now as we all know every semester each of you have to choose a category of art to start with so here is: The Hat of wonder!! Ooo, ahhh" her sarcasm was notable but not unappreciated, and again Anima found herself laughing.

"Alright now pass it around and take just one paper from the hat, unlike someone did last year, Patrick" Ms. Whiten stared and apparently 'Patrick' blushed. The hat had finally come to her and when she pulled out a paper, she read: 'Sculpting'. She was quite disappointed at the fact because she was hoping to use her easel but was also grateful that she didn't get something bad like Abstract. She shuddered at the thought, and passed the hat to the next person.

"Alright class, now that you all have your categories, its time to work! Well what are you waiting for? A lollipop? Get to work! This is due for the end of the semester! Be inspired! Find your muse! For Christ sake do something!"

She had got up, brought the clay back to a vacant table and started to work on her sculpture. She wondered what she was going to make.

A flower? No, that's too simple. Hmm, how bout a –

She was interrupted by her thoughts when she heard someone speak to her

"So, what's it mean?" She looked over her shoulder to find a very handsome face behind her.

Wow…such smoldering violet eyes. Are they even real? And such fine black hair…wow

She was snapped back to reality when he clapped in front of her face, startling her.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"What's it mean?"

"What does what mean?" she asked in confusion.

"Your name" he said in a 'duh' tone.

"Oh, it means brave, courageous, active, and bold" a lot of things I'm not

"Hm. Cool. I'm Daniel Corendice." He held out his hand to shake.

"Anima Geggersons" and she held out hers and shook his.

"Hey Ani?" wow I already have a nick-name


"You're gonna be my muse"

She smiled at him and he smirked. Then went back to his easel and started to paint.

Finally a name to start remembering…

Maybe things in Jefferson High wasn't gonna be so bad after all