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-Took My Heart as a Souvenir-

The blue hour. It possesses a romantic quality of the ambient light at this time. Who knew a time of day would hold such a deep meaning? Who knew that you'd leave me one day and break my heart, every time I look at the twilight sky. You just took my heart while I'm left with memories. As a souvenir.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009 6:30PM

A girl jumped as the train skidded to a halt. She was caught off guard for a moment before stepping out of the train car and walking towards the exit. As she exited the station, she turned her iPod up once it shuffled onto her favorite song.

Not even a wave.

As she boards the plane.

Looks over her shoulders,

As they closed the gate.

Okay, second favorite.

Heart on my sleeve,

Ring in my hand,

Last thing she said,

"It's too late you'll never understand."

As she listened to the lyrics, she slowly walked to the neighborhood park and sat down on a swing. She had plenty of time before her curfew and decided to just sit for a moment and breathe. Between work, school, family and friends, she's never had any time to herself in the past 3 weeks.

Baby girl bought a one way ticket,

Anywhere far away from me.

She sighed as she looked up at the sky. It was a pretty indigo color. The sun was just starting to set, ever so slowly, and the colors blended beautifully with each other. She closed her eyes, trying to remember the last time she saw a sky like this.

No suitcase packed.

Left just like that,

She's gone indefinitely.

But then again, nothing in nature ever happens twice. But did that involve relationships between people?

If I just had one more chance,

Show you I'm a different man.

She didn't know.

Now it's too late to see.

She got up suddenly and started to walk towards the beach, hoping. It was barely a mile away and she hurried along the road before the sun set completely. She smiled as she remembered a promise, a small promise from a long time ago.

I would have gave the world to you.

This should have been a trip for two.

When girl I'm at the airport,

With nothing but my passport,

Left me standing here.

Her heart stopped and her smile dropped when she reached the beach. No one was there despite the fact that it was barely mid-July. The sun didn't sink all the way below the horizon just yet and a smile appeared on her face once again. She walked farther down the beach, towards the vast ocean and sat down on the last bit of dry sand while being as close to the ocean as possible. She inhaled a deep breath of the salty sea air and sighed happily.

Took my heart as a souvenir.

It might not be a complete picture, but she was still content enough. For now.

Pulling away,

I'm taking the plane.

She hugged her knees as she silently watched the sun set. She had already turned her iPod off but the song still played in her head, fresh in her memory.

Cause you're taking off,

And the sky looks so grey.

The bright orange sun slowly made it's way down until it was out of sight below the horizon. The purple, blue and pink shades were left as twilight approached. It was a clear night, so she had no problem losing herself in the beauty of the blue hour.

You've left me behind,

Here on the ground,

Watching a part of me disappear with you in the clouds.

"Will you promise to watch the sunset with me one day, and stay with me all night long?"

"I promise."

Remembering these words stung her eyes. She inhaled deeply and willed for the tears to go away.

You're flying away,

Into the sky.

I'm feeling so empty deep inside.

"I just love the night time. It's so cool, dark, and peaceful. It's like I'm in a world of my own. I like it. Especially if I have someone to share it with."

"Me too."

He turned his head to face her. "It gets lonely sometimes, doesn't it?," he whispered, loud enough for her to hear. She smiled up at him and whispered back.

"Not anymore."

But if I'll never have you here,

Keep my heart as a souvenir.

A lone tear slid down her right cheek as she recalled the conversation she had with him. It seemed so long ago that they were so happy. Together. He had beamed at her response and she remembered the light feeling her heart had. Being around him just made her feel so...complete.

I would have gave the world to you.

This should have been a trip for two.

When girl I'm at the airport,

With nothing but my passport.

She wiped her cheeks as more tears spilled and chuckled to herself.

Left me standing here,

Took my heart as a souvenir.

She looked up at the sky once more. It was now a dark, navy blue as she saw the first star of the night sky.

Not even a wave,

As she boards the plane.

Looks over her shoulders,

As they closed the gate.

She was once again alone in her own little world.


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