''Please don't go please, I can't bear to be without you I need you hear''!

''I'm sorry jenny I am there's nothing I would want to do than be with you but…'s that time of the month again….and I don't want to cause any trouble'' mark says to his wife jenny as he walks out the door of their house towards his car with jenny following behind. ''Mark….is there…someone else…I mean its just recently that you've been doing this ever since that trip to the woods you've been going there ever since at the end of the month what happened there''? ''I would so much want to tell you but you wont believe me and yes there is someone else in my life but….its not what you think it is''.

Mark gets in his car starts it up shuts his door looks at jenny one last time before his trip to the cabin in the woods, then backs out of the driveway and drives off to the mountains. Jenny watches mark leave again as she does every month sad and stressed that he won't let her in about what's going on, she slowly walks back to the house stressed about the marital crisis they're having. ''we need counseling damn it''.

Mark stares into the sky hoping that he will reach the safety of his cabin before sunset. ''oh jenny I hate to do this every month'' mark thinks to himself as he turns on the dirt road that goes up into the mountains ''I wish so much this never happened to me that I could lead a normal life like everyone else…but no I had be bitten by a werewolf I had to be infected by it's curse I have to chain myself up every month for three nights so no one will get hurt sigh……where's that brownie''. Mark opens his glove department and grabs the last of his brownies he bought from the store after leaving his wife. ''I know I shouldn't eat so many of these but they calm me down''. Mark bites into the sugar loaded brownie chewing the brown bread with nuts and savoring the taste of the chocolate center as he finishes his brownie. Mark looks in the sky in fear as he sees an orange glow ''what the sun cant be setting now it's only seven I got another hour'' Mark speeds up his car and reaches his cabin pleased to see that the sun is not emitting the orange glow but horrified to see that it's his cabin roaring and set aflame by some guy in a brown coat throwing Molotov's.

''what the hell'' mark gets out of his car and runs frantically to his cabin ''NO, STOP YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING'' mark grabs the strange man with fists and shakes him screaming ''WHY DID YOU DO THIS''? The stranger knocks marks fists off his shoulders straightens his coat and calmly says ''because it's wrong what you were about to do you're a coward and I am setting you free of your restraints''. ''WHAT are you one too who are you''? ''yes I am, my name is Peter Stubbe II and who might you be''? Peter says as he shakes marks hand ''so you don't know anything about me who I am, where I live, where I'm from, just that I'm a werewolf and I chain myself up every full moon''. ''nyha'' mark punches peter in the face knocking him to the ground and yells ''YOU BASTARD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU''?

Peter yells back at him from the ground ''because I'm trying to help you it's wrong to chain yourself up for every change the beast just gets madder and madder eventually getting so angry that your chains will do nothing and the beast will explode in rage break out and kill every one you love, normally the wolf wont do that normally it just runs amok and hunts when it needs to but DOING THIS'' peter points to the smoking cabin already broken down from the flames ''will get it angry at you and WILL target your loved ones I know this because it happened to me and when it did I decided to just let go and have beast consume me, now we are one now we work together instead of fighting each other''. Peter gets up and dusts off his brown coat, mark falls to his knees in agony not only from his emotions but that the moon is starting to rise ''I don't want to be this I don't want to hurt people I have a wife were happy'' tears stream from marks eyes as his bones shift its shape ''please release me from my aaahhhhh torment''.

Mark falls to the grass shaking changing to the beast peter looks at him in sympathy and angst then bends over him and snaps his neck and rips his head off then throws his body into the fire so he can't regenerate and come back to life. ''it's a waste and a tragedy that this happened to you'' Peter then changes into his werewolf form more calmly and less painful as the first of the three wolf moons lights the sky.