''Aaaahhhhoooooooooooo'' the wolf's howl can be heard from the city below the forests mountain as peter embraces his werewolf form. He crouches on all fours an extremely hairy man with enlarged feet nails turn to claws hands elongated and also enlarged his face changed to that of an angry man but mixed with a wolf's face just a little bit of a snout teeth sharp and his bottom canines stretched upwards his eyes now dilated and purple a fluffy tail sprouted from his tailbone. Wolf peter runs down the mountain road sniffing for food an elk, rabbit, human anything as long as he eats.

Wolf peter reaches the city road runs through the streets looking for some unlucky night stroller until ''sniff sniff'' he smells….a barbecue a party with all kinds of fresh spiced meat he darts in the direction of the smell running through yards jumping over fences then leaps across the lawn and over a wall and lands at the barbecue ''RRRAAAAAWWWRRR'' people run in all directions while some big guy with a bat rushes at him ''get out of here dog'' he swings the bat towards peters face but peter grabs the bat pulls in his attacker and bites into his throat ''AAHHHHH'' sharp teeth pierce into the mans neck blood streams out into the werewolf's mouth and he chews into the mans neck and rips off some meat swallows then rips the mans head off and lets him fall to the ground.

Wolf peter darts to another nearby human and claws at her leg pulls her down and slashes her chest ripping her shirt to threads then chews her chest out. He stops his meal right before he can actually finish when he hears a gunshot in the air ''POW'' he looks up to the doorsteps to see another woman but pointing a rifle at him she fires again and the bullet hits his shoulder knocking him off the girl but not hurting him ''grrrrrrrrrr'' wolf peter zigzags through the lawn avoiding bullets then leaps the woman knocks her down and slashes her throat with two clawed fingers then rips off her head so she cant be like him. Wolf peter runs into the house up the stairs and sniffs for any more humans ''sniff sniff'' ''mmmmm I smell a baby'' he continues through the house walking from room to room sniffing out the child when he reaches the end of the hall he pushes open the door walks into the master bedroom looks towards the closet stands up peers through the closet door slides with his dark purple eyes and says in a deep menacing voice ''hello little lamb'' he breaks open the closet throws out the mother grabs the screaming baby and feasts on the young child then throws the carcass at the mother and jumps out the window away from the crying mother.

Peter jumps over the back fence and runs through the yards of the other houses escaping the sirens of the police cars he runs through the streets knocking over mail boxes and scratching picket fences. Peter ventures into the downtown district, bright lights illuminate the streets passing cars swerve away from the werewolf running through the city. Wolf peter causes more destruction by knocking over those giant blue mail boxes breaks windows trashes department stores until finally he spy's a butcher shop. Drool seeps from the werewolf's lips as he walks up to the window with a blank face he breaks open the window jumps inside and devours the meat displayed in the shop.

Ten minutes later a patrol car pulls over two officers get out of the car hands placed by their pistols. They go into the store looking for who ever has been causing destruction in their little town they follow the blood smears on the floor to the back of the store where they find a huge animal lying asleep on the floor. '' wow is this what's been causing all the damage'' the first cop whispers to the other ''it matches the description from the barbecue lets call animal control and wait here with the…whatever it is''. Ruff rrrr ''oh no its awake'' the werewolf wakes up spots the officers and leaps onto one of them and chews his face out and crushes his skull with his palm then runs out of the butcher shop back into the street and runs off into the night away from the town into the woods where everything is peaceful and green.