I wrote this the second after I saw a video on youtube. Go to my page thing for the link.

She was a freak. Like him. People watched and stared and guessed; and they just didn't make sense. They matched together but apart they were like two cockatoos in a flock of pigeons. His manner was always off; too exaggerated people would say. Lost in his head. She was a bit dopy; head in the clouds. Feet not really on the ground. They couldn't tell you how they found each other. That bit doesn't matter. They also couldn't tell you why they're still together, but that they are and that's all that matters. They played games that people didn't understand. They dressed in things no one ever would. They acted in the manner of children; imagining, laughing, loving. One thing that made them stand apart was that they were happy. Happy being happy. Happy with each other. Happy being freaks.