Written for The Lounge challenge.

He had taught her how to fish. How to string a rod, add a sinker. How to bait the line and caste it in. He had even laughed when on her first attempt to caste she had hooked his favourite fishing hat and sent it overboard.

She had seen him cry. Just the once. She was about to eat a rat bait she had found behind the lounge chair. 'What are you eating. No. Put it down now!' he had shrieked whilst grabbing it from her hands. She had never touched them again.

He had introduced her to coffee. Taking her out to a café after school everyday. She had taken a sip of his espresso and screwed her face up in disgust. He had just laughed and told her it was an 'acquired taste'.

More importantly, he had taught her how to love, just by loving her. He was her father and since her mothers death, he had become so much more. Her rock, her mother, her friend. And she loved him.