Hello~ This is just a short piece. VERY short, and confusing the point of view changes a lot, so bear with me. I didn't change a word of it, I did this in 9th grade English. So sorries about all the separators, but I think they'll help with the POV change. Enjoy!

In the streets of feathered heights, a man waltz soundlessly, unnoticeably through the crowds of the market. He turns to the right, only to get blinded by the normal sunny day. Making his way to the grocery store, he buys some vegetables, and dog food.

He was thinking to himself about later tonight. What females in the hell of a town would adore, a beautiful man to escort them through the town? Though, it's a shame for them that it will all ends abhorred distraught piece of art, and flesh. Horrible, disgusting, and possibly terrifying for the ladies, if they know what's going on, at least it's a… pleasure for me. With that thought echoing in the abyss of my brain, I get ready to greet the neighbors.

"Hello welcome to the neighborhood. My name is Edison, may I know yours?" asked the monotone voice from the man at the door. Not even thinking about it, I slammed the door in his face, he felt eerie. Though, that's unreasonable, he was only polite, so I open the door and apologize, "Sorry! Don't know what came over me. Mom, Dad, Neighbor!" motioning him in, I ran into my room locked the door, and blast the music on deafening.

We just recently moved here, but my sister must have found a "Boy toy" already, she's very "fluttery." she's acting like any teenage girl does when they conquer the popularity totem with "hot" boys. Speaking of "Boy toys," the neighbor must have a son. I've seen a younger guy come out of his house.

He has green shaded hair, probably dyed for that "hellion" look. He always wears dark clothing, and looks suspicious. But I could be seeing things. I mean how do guys like that able to get a different girl every night? It could be for his swimmers body, as women say. Or maybe the "I like bad boys" thing that goes on with girls. It could also be his aloof attitude… Che, he's a fuckwad anyway. I finish my thought muttering angrily to myself.

I cleaned off old reliable Georgette, my trusty machete. As I turn off my water and get on the computer. I wonder who the gullible gal shall be.

Weedz: Hey any girls looking for a fun time? =D

Britt420: Hiya! The girls and me will be coming up for some of that sticky green, see ya then!

Well… that was easy enough… "Well Georgette, looks like well have a feast tonight!"

After waving goodbye to Mr. Edison, they softly talk to one another. "I can't believe our little girl is… already?" says Mrs. Fergerson. "…I don't like this." replies Mr. Fergerson.

Mr. Edison is sitting on the couch in the Fergersons living area. "My son seems to have taken an interest in you daughter, Elizabeth…" He looked uncomfortable, as much as he can show with his monotone attitude. Almost like his son never took a liking to anyone. "So she is a healthy teenage girl, what's the problem?" asked Mrs. Fergerson. "That kid is trouble! I've seen him in and out of the house with different girls. Some I don't ever see leave, AT ALL!" screamed Negal. With him raging about his sister's safety, the parents thought about what his words applied.

Negal was beyond pissed, that little creep wants to add HIS sister to his collection? Though, now that he thinks about it, something was wrong with that kid, he looks doped up all the time. He could be a crack head, very dangerous… The more he thought, the worse his nerves got. I mean yeah he's attractive, cool, and all, so I can't blame my sister falling into the playboys trap. I got to make sure she'll be okay! Negal thought to himself getting ready to stalk his sister and her companion.

Time to go meet… Elizabeth I believe her name was. Brushing out my green locks, I get ready for our… arrangement. He finishes with cackles, which left the cat by his door in a frightened pose.

I'm like, totally excited. Levid, our gorgeous neighbor, is taking me out on the "Best Night of My Life!" The girls at school will be totally jealous! Mr. Edison told me the Chinese buffet would be the best bet. As long as he pays, I could careless where we go. Hopefully, we'll enjoy the after party activities.

What in the hell was I thinking?! Yeah, LEVID, let's ask this dumb broad out on a date. Sure it would make "it" easier. Most likely her brother will follow around, like normal over protective brothers do, but is it really worth the torture? I can see it now. Does my hair look good? Where are we going? What are you doing with that baseball bat? Women, they ask too many… questions, though, the last one shut her up… for awhile.

What is wrong with this guy! He looks like he is about to kill everyone within a mile radius on his "date." Though I don't blame him one bit, she's my sister, but she is also the most annoying thing I ever heard. After seeing Levid pulling out a baseball bat, I almost let out a sigh of relief. At the moment I want to run home crying, as he looks at me with his eyes glowing green in the night.

Oh goodness! Getting the blood out of these flesh bags is the hardest part of being me. I have to get it though, or Mr. Whitecoat will be… unhappy, and we don't want anymore shots do we? Levid pours the metallic smelling red liquid all over the weeds around his house.

Waking up in Levid's bed has to be like, fabulous. Maybe, he like, loves me. Sighing like a love struck school girl, which she is, she hums and imagines her and Levid doing the nasty. Though her dreams are going to be shattered, ripped apart, and thrown into a blazing flame of angst and disappointment.

Dragging her out of my room by her locks of hair to the basement while she screams for help was fun. While puffing on a cigarette, I chop at this flesh bags fingers. Though I got to say that boy… Negal was the most entertaining; he looked like he shat himself when I walked up to bash his thick preppy head in. I don't know why they're so nervous to die, he takes Mrs. Fergersons finger and examines it, and they're just going on a very… special permanent vacation.

As weeds grew and twisted around such a mediocre house, a dog howled it abhorred song. Screams of the duo tortured soul siblings, plays it's beautifully atrocious words of agony. A man with a smile full of razor sharp teeth, his green hair glistening from the basement window, where the moon light poured into, and his green slit eyes glowing, pulsating, with the insane desire to maim.

Two years later…. "This looks like a beautiful neighbor hood, love!" says a fully grown woman to her presumed spouse. The man replies with, "I have a good feeling about this too sugar." With a big smile they turn to their new neighbor. "Good evening, I am Mr. Edison, may I know your… names?" says a man with a mediocre face and a monotone voice.

After multiple kills by this man, he finally gets captured. Mr. Edison apparently got kidnapped when young, by a lunatic who experimented on him. His real name was Xavier Might; he was born on May 6th 1856 and died after being executed on August 8th of 2008. Whatever that mad man gave him, made him almost indestructible, except he was still human, though it was only a small portion. He was executed with bees, which was what he was still allergic to. Even if it was inhumane, the scientists tried everything. Though they never counted on him reproducing…

Mayyybeeee a sequel, I do like where this waassss going, plus it's fun to write insane characters with a bit of vocabulary, ha. Do review.