it has been ages since i've talked to you
i tried to think of a lame excuse
but i, i was afraid,
give a me a break

i'm trying now,
isn't that enough?
it's been too long,
and it's getting rough,
i need to see you,
i know you can feel it too,
let us get away, until another day

i'm letting loose,
the pages i've torn apart, will be sewn
with a brand new start, to say
"how are you today?"
and "won't you come and stay?"
but you won't,
no, you will not,
it's been too long,
since i've talked to you.

"how's the family" i meant to say,
"sorry i wasn't there on your wedding day"
sincerly your old love,
i'll just stop playing "is she good enough"
i'm too late, i should be giving up.

i was too late,
i was afraid,
won't you give me a break?