Disclaimer: This is an original story that I thought up.

Warning: This story contains boys love, swearing and other vulgar language, and some smuttiness. Rated M so you have been warned!

Note: This took a while to write. By the time I finished I had a severe case of stupid fingers. Just now when writing this I spelled case care! There are even worse examples I could give you but I can't remember them. Anyway, I hope you like it!

"What... did you just do!?"

This was the first sentence uttered a few minutes after Kasumi had made his rather explosive exit. Of course it was Mina who would be the first to speak. In situations that would normally shock people to silence, she'd go about chattering away like there was absolutely nothing wrong. At a time like this her voice was not what Ran wanted to hear.

"Oi! I'm talking to you! What the hell did you do to Kasumi!?"


Ran was unable to get anything else out. Mina had decided it would be best to shake him in order to get him to speak faster. Shannon quickly grabbed a hold of her and pulled her back.

"Answer me damn it!"

"Calm down Mina. There's no sense in shaking him. Doing that will only make it harder for him to speak. Just hush and let him get it out on his own time."

"How can you be so patient!?" Mina spat at her boyfriend. "Did you see Kasumi!? He was absolutely livid! He never gets that way unless something is way wrong! How can you stand there calmly like that when one of our friends is in pain like that!?"

"Because our other friend is in pain as well! Can't you tell!? Have some compassion Mina! Yes, something bad happened, but jumping down Ran's throat isn't going to help matters any! So just shut up! You're only making things worse!"

That silenced her quickly enough. Ran was grateful for that. His entire world was crashing down around him. He didn't need a verbal lashing on top of that.

He squeezed his eyes shut in an attempt to drive it all away. Maybe if he concentrated hard enough he'd be able to go back to this morning and none of this would have happened. He focused, and focused, but when he heard a voice speak he knew that his world was still going to hell and there was nothing he could do to stop things from changing drastically. Ran just hoped once this was all over he'd still be able to look them all in the face. He mentally scoffed at that idea then opened his eyes to look at Kasumi's dad. He had been the one to speak to him.

"Please... what happened Ran?" Kasumi's father repeated.

Kasumi's father was a kind, soft-spoken man. He cared deeply for his son but did not waste his time with outbursts of anger when problems arose. He would analyze a situation completely before making a decision on how to act. If he did decide that anger was the best course it was a cold anger; one that chilled a person to the very bone. Its effects were often worse than what a hot anger would cause. This thought relieved and worried Ran at the same time. Just how would Kasumi's father respond to what he had to say? Ran swallowed painfully hard. It was time for everything to end.

"Kasumi and I... w-we kissed each other," Ran started.

He paused a moment, quickly scanning the eyes of his audience. Mina and Shannon did not looked surprised and were waiting for more to be said. Kasumi's father did not seem negatively affected and was also waiting for Ran to continue. His mother looked slightly uncomfortable, but that could have been because she had been the one to walk in on them. Ran couldn't read his father's reaction. Taking a deep breath, he continued.

"A lot... we kissed a lot. Things got... a bit out of hand. Then mom walked in and I..."

This was where he trailed off. He closed his eyes as another lump formed in his throat. This time swallowing did nothing to relieve it. When Mina spoke it only got worse.

"You shoved him off you. Yeah, we kind of got that from earlier."

Ran's voice shook. "Yeah, I shoved him off me. Then he left the room. I came after him and well... you know the rest."

There was a pause, then a sigh. Ran glanced at his father who had been the one to commit the act. His father's hands were clasped together and his eyes were closed. Ran couldn't decipher what this meant; probably nothing good.

"The reason for you shoving him off was because your mother came in, correct?" Ran's father inquired peering down at him.

Ran looked away from him. "Yes."

"So what you did together was deemed acceptable by both parties at the time in which you engaged in them, yes?"

Ran's face flushed. "Yeah."

"You shoving him off of you was due to your surprise, and not an actual rejection of Kasumi's feelings, right?"

Ran didn't say anything. He nodded instead. Why did his father have to talk like a fricken lawyer at a time like this? That just made everything worse.

At that moment Ran was sure if he looked up his father would be staring down at him with disapproval clear on his features, or if his luck stayed as shitty as it was now, apathy. Any minute now his father would stop talking and quietly leave the room, his way of showing his displeasure of him. After that his mother would dissolve into tears, upset that her husband was now at odds with her son. After that? Ran didn't really care. All that mattered was the blade of the guillotine above his head that was poised to fall. Just a little more and it would be all over.

"So is it accurate to assume that this is not that you are just attracted to him, but that you actually reciprocate Kasumi's affections?"

This was it. This was the question that would make that blade drop. Ran hung his head, quietly murmuring in acquiescence to his father's statement. Dismayed, he waited for his father to get up and leave. However, as one second turned into two, and then into six and seven Ran wondered what was taking so long. After fifteen seconds had gone by without movement on anyone's part, he became seriously worried. Why was no one saying anything? He winced when he heard his father sigh and stand up. This was it. This was the end.

"Are your mother and I really so frightening that you have to be so tense regarding this subject?"

He stared in shock at his father as the man patted Ran's head. Studying his father's face Ran found no traces of disapproval, apathy, anger, or any such emotion resembling them. Instead he found mild hurt which surprised him as well as made him feel incredibly guilty. It wasn't very often that a person could upset his father in this fashion. Glancing over at his mother he found that she had a similar look about her. The floor suddenly became much more interesting.

"I'm sorry." It was the only thing he could think of to say.

"Don't apologize sweetheart," his mother started. "We just wish you had come to us with this before such a mess could happen. You would have saved yourself so much grief if you had."

"So you're not upset?" Ran questioned.

"Oh no, we are plenty upset, just not about your feelings for Kasumi. I am quite pleased about that development actually."

Ran gawked at his mother while his father chuckled quietly while shaking his head. Both reactions made Ran's mother promptly turn red.

"I didn't mean anything weird by that! Honest! It's just that Kasumi is a very nice boy and I'm glad that you chose him as your partner. I don't know what I would have done if you'd wanted to be with some biker guy from who knows where, who'd probably be carrying all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases. Speaking of which, if you and Kasumi decide to explore each other further please make sure to use condoms. I'm not saying that either of you have anything; it's just a good practice."

Shouts of "mom" and "dear" intermingled with a giggle, a snort, and a badly disguised cough at that point. When Ran's mother asked what it was that she said wrong her husband and son gave exasperated sighs while the others burst out laughing. At that point practically all of the tension that was suffocating the room vacated. Once the laughter died down and Ran was sure his blush was not blaringly apparent he spoke again.

"Why does it seem like you've thought about this before mom?"

His mother scratched her nose, clearly embarrassed. "Well when you've dated girls in the past you've never really seemed happy. You've always been so tense when bringing them over, which has always been rather sparingly. Besides that, there has always been this... energy between the two of you. I can't explain it, but I guess as time went by I just had a feeling that the two of you fancied one another. Maybe it's mother's intuition?"

"How long have you thought that?"

"A while now. I'm not quite sure when I started thinking that really."

"But I only realized I liked him last month!"

Ran's mother smiled sweetly at her son. "That just means you weren't aware of your attraction to him sweetie. You were already on that road before you and your last girlfriend got together."


More giggling made Ran glare at Mina. She smirked at him. "Don't be so sour. You should be happy everything has gone decently well up until now. You seriously had your head on the chopping block there for a while. If this had been anything other than you liking him back I'm sure you know you would have been sliced and diced. It would have just been a matter of how thinly."

Ran visibly paled at the thought.

Mina grinned. "Oh come on. It's okay! We all know that isn't the case! You'll just go confess to Kasumi and then everything will be hunky dory. You will confess to him... right?"

"If... if that's okay?" Ran waited for confirmation from Kasumi's father. He wanted to make sure that every parent here was okay with the idea of the them possibly becoming an item.

The man smiled at Ran. "If you are what my son wants than that's fine with me. You just better be good to him. Don't freak out and push him away from you just because someone happens to see you two together. I'll have none of that secretive business. If you're going to date each other you're going to be honest about it, am I clear?"

Ran nodded. "Yes sir."

"And no cheating. Absolutely not. I know you're a good boy and all but even good people make foolish mistakes like that. Do not make that mistake."

"I promise I won't sir."

Kasumi's dad eyed Ran for a moment before nodding. "Good. Now you had better get a move on. I'm sure Kasumi is still very upset and he'll probably be somewhat hard to talk to, but you'll get things right between you both quickly enough. Here, take these in case he locked the door."

After being tossed the keys to Kasumi's house Ran proceeded to grab his coat and head out the door. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck!" The chorus behind him sang as he shut the door.

Ran took a deep breath of the slightly chilled air in an attempt to calm himself. He'd done well so far. What he had expected to end his world had actually opened it up. Now there was the possibility that he and Kasumi might actually be able to form a deeper relationship with one another. That thought made him anxious and excited at the same time. This was entirely new territory for him and while there was plenty of room for adversity, there was also plenty for ecstasy. It all just depended on how the two of them handled things from now on... that is if there was still a now on to be had. Exhaling, Ran stepped off of his porch and began the walk to Kasumi's house.

Kasumi had in fact locked the door. After doing his best to quietly undo this, Ran slowly slipped inside the residence. Gazing about he quickly deduced that Kasumi was neither in his Living Room, nor his Dining Room. Once entering the Dining Room he noted as well that his target was not in the adjoining Kitchen or the Den that was further still. After also checking the Utility Room, the Bathroom, and then the Basement Ran confirmed what he had already suspected. The only place Kasumi could be was upstairs; most likely his room.

As Ran ascended the stairs he could make out the faint sound of shuffling coming from one of the rooms. It seemed that Kasumi was pacing in his room. That meant that Kasumi was focusing intently on something. As he came closer to the door Ran did his best to squelch the nerves that bubbled up inside of him. He needed to be on top of his game. This was dangerous territory where he could end up completely ignored or seriously injured if he made the wrong move. Mustering up his courage, Ran left the stairway and continued closer to his objective.


That sound made Ran's heart stop. Though it was only a slightly squeaky floor board, in Ran's ears it sounded extremely loud. From the shadow paused by Kasumi's door it was obvious that Kasumi had heard the noise as well. There was suddenly the sound of a hand coming to rest on the doorknob, then the slow turning of said doorknob. When the door began to open Ran forgot how to breathe.

"Dad? Are you ho-oh it's you."

Ran was locked into place; momentarily frozen and unable to speak. His brain screamed at him to move, to speak, to do something but it was of no use. Ran felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, with the driver of that car being Kasumi. The question was what would Kasumi do? Would he stop and wait for Ran to make a move? Would he drive right through him? Or would he just throw the car in reverse and leave? As Kasumi glared and turned around it was clear that it was choice number three. Ran's body moved of its own accord then, bracing the door so that Kasumi could not close it.

"Let go of the door," Kasumi seethed. "I don't want to talk with you."

"Please Kasumi. Let me explain."

"I think you made yourself perfectly clear earlier. Now go the fuck away!"

Ran made no motion to leave. "I won't. Please listen Kasumi. That wasn't what you thought it was!"

"The hell it wasn't! I said go, now go!"

With a quick move of his hands Kasumi managed to pry Ran's own loose. Next came a harsh push that sent Ran to the ground, followed by a swift slam of the door. Ran sat up, scowling at the now closed door. This was starting to get irritating.

"I'm not leaving until you've heard me out!"

"Well I'm not going to listen!"

Ran huffed. "Come on! Don't be this way Kasumi! I'm really sorry!"

"Sorry my ass!"

"You're acting like a fucking girl!"

"Says the guy that cooks, knits, and reads poetry," sneered Kasumi.

"It's crochet, not knitting!"

"Oh my mistake. So sorry."

"Damn it Kasu!" Ran roared with an accompanying pound to the door. "Can't you see that I like you!? I mean really, really like you!?"

There was a brief period of time where all that could be heard was Ran's heavy breaths. When those came to a halt, there still had been no response from Kasumi. Then...


Ran sighed. "I like you Kasumi. I like you the same way you like me. Wasn't that obvious? I mean I don't go around kissing guys on a daily basis you know. I certainly don't go feeling them up either, or grinding them for that matter."

There was another pause, ensued by the opening of the door. Kasumi glanced suspiciously down at Ran who was still on the floor.

"What about-"

"I threw you off of me because my mom came in. I panicked, I'll admit it, but that won't ever happen again. My parents and I had a talk."

"So you were worried about what your parents would think of you?"

"Well... yeah." Ran brought a hand through his hair. "We've never really talked about relationships and stuff. So I just assumed they'd be like the majority of all the other parents out there. I didn't.... I didn't want them to hate me for liking you."

Kasumi sat down across from Ran. "Well that's understandable. No child wants their parents to hate them. Still... you should have had more faith in your parents."

"I know. They're pretty upset at me for not coming to them with this. I feel awful about it."

"At least you'll be more open with them from now on though, right?"

Ran smiled. "Right."

An awkward silence infiltrated the area after that. Kasumi fidgeted with his hands while Ran started biting on his thumbnail. The two of them were both sporting slight blushes. Kasumi was the one to break the quiet.

"So... you like me?"

Ran was tempted to continue his staring contest with the floor but knew he needed to do this properly. He looked Kasumi square in the eyes. His blush increasing he answered, "Yes."

"I see..." Coyly he added, "since when?"

"Well I'm not sure. I realized it after the first time we kissed, but my mom says that I've liked you for longer than that. I think she may be right, seeing as I kissed you back then in the first place."

Kasumi nodded. "Okay then."


They trailed off again. It was another minute of stillness before Ran growled in frustration. This shouldn't be so difficult! He stated as such, which caused Kasumi to laugh in response.

"It's hard because we're unsure of how to proceed at this point. I've never been in this situation before, and you've never been in this situation with a guy before."



"I've never been in this situation before," Ran elaborated. "I've never been this nervous when dealing with someone in this way. Usually I'm much more confident."

"O-oh. Well then... how about we do this." Kasumi cleared his throat. "Ran, would you please be my boyfriend... or something? I would really like to date you."

"Pft!" Ran couldn't help it. He laughed, hard. It was incredible how Kasumi could quickly diffuse a tense situation. Whenever Ran was unsure of himself, or feeling down Kasumi was always able to make things better. He liked this guy. He really, really did.

Ran pulled Kasumi into a short but sweet kiss. "Yes. I'd love to be your boyfriend," he replied when they broke apart. "So then would that make you my boyfriend too?"

"Of course!"

Ran grinned, and fought the urge to laugh again. The entire day had managed to go from astoundingly wonderful, to horribly devastating, only to bounce back again. All in all Ran decided that this birthday was by far the best one he'd ever had. He couldn't think of anything else he wanted. Of course he revised this when he was tackled to the ground by Kasumi. There were a few more things that he wanted now. The first of which he got when Kasumi pressed his lips hard against Ran's own.

At first their kisses were rough; lips harshly moving against one another, bruising in the process. Teeth were used as well in order to tease the lips even further. Once tongue was introduced, Ran gladly opened his mouth. The feeling of their tongues twirling together made Ran's blood catch fire, and all he could think of was that this wasn't enough. He grabbed the boy that was straddling him and pulled him closer. He needed more of this beloved creature... much, much more.

The two of them switched positions; Ran now looming over Kasumi, eyes slightly clouded with lust. Kasumi watched the other, waiting to see what he would do next. His mouth hung slightly agape when Ran started taking off his shirt. Kasumi had always taken great care not to glance too long at Ran when he was shirtless, but not now. While taking in every inch of the newly exposed skin Kasumi unconsciously flicked his tongue out over his lips. This action did not go unnoticed.

Ran groaned loudly. "Shirt off. Now."

Kasumi swiftly tore it off. As soon as the offending piece of clothing was removed Ran's hands were on him, slowly examining Kasumi's chest and sides. Kasumi brought his own hands around Ran's neck and the two began their kisses again, only this time they were lengthy, gentle kisses that drove both of them wild. It wasn't long before Ran put and end to these and started his assault on Kasumi's neck. A breathy moan from Kasumi informed Ran that this course of action was indeed the right one.

When he added his tongue to the mix Kasumi arched into the contact, gasping lightly each time Ran found a sensitive area. Knowing that he could make Kasumi respond this way pleased Ran to no end. He was also slightly proud of the fact that he wasn't being too vocal this time around. Kasumi had realized this as well and quickly worked to change that fact. He brought his hands to Ran's stomach, and applied pressure as he slid his hands upward. This action got a moan from Ran, who glanced at Kasumi when he continued his actions.

"I want to hear you too," Kasumi admitted.

This caused another groan to tumble from Ran's mouth before Ran went back to Kasumi's neck, only now he used only his tongue. After getting an appreciative noise from Kasumi, Ran continued trailing downward, stopping briefly to suck on the other's chest. A small whine escaped from Kasumi making Ran look back up inquiringly at him. Kasumi flushed when Ran smirked. He hadn't meant to make that noise. He brought a hand to Ran's head and lightly pulled on his hair causing a light grunt. Satisfied, Kasumi allowed Ran to continue further.

By the time Ran was to the beginning of Kasumi's pants he realized that he was kneeling in between the other boy's legs while Kasumi was leaning back on his elbows watching what Ran was doing. Locking eyes with Kasumi, Ran brought his hands to the other's pants. He moved his hands up and down Kasumi's thighs a few times, a jolt going downwards when Kasumi let out a wanton moan. There was a bit of a harsh edge to it making it clear that he was growing impatient. Having only a thin string of patience himself, Ran brought his fingers to the button. Quickly, he unfastened, the zipper coming down soon after. He was about to take the next step, removal of the irksome article, when he heard the words that no person wants to hear.

"Ran... Ran I need... I need you to stop."

Ran howled slightly in aggravation, but still scooted away from Kasumi. Those words were like a bucket of ice water over his head. Just what had he done wrong? Staring up at Kasumi who had gotten to his feet, Ran realized that he was smirking. What the hell?

"Calm down. Nothing is wrong okay? I just figured if we were going to continue this it would be better to do so inside my bedroom, not just outside of it in the hallway."

Ran was taken aback by this. So things really were all right? As Ran peered up at the hand that was held out in front of him, and then at its owner he very rapidly found himself right back where he'd been before Kasumi had said stop. The two of them hurried inside Kasumi's room and shut the door.

Ran was slammed into that very door once it had been securely locked. The action had hurt a bit but soon was made better by a tongue tracing lightly down his neck. He sighed, only to have it turn into a groan when Kasumi sucked on one portion of his neck. Ran was certain this attention would leave a mark, not that he cared. When Kasumi came and captured Ran's lips in a scorching kiss, Ran realized that this was starting to turn out similarly to Mina's smut that he'd read earlier in the day. As Kasumi began going lower, slowly kissing, nipping, and licking at Ran's body he was certain.

"Y-you've read Mina's s-story."

From down in front of him Kasumi smiled. "Well... I am the one who edits her stories. She was watching me intently when I was proofreading it. I think she was trying to gauge my feelings for you based on my reaction to the story. But as you well know I have a very good poker face. Anyway, I figured she'd worked so hard on it that it would be a shame if it'd gone to waste. Do you mind?"

Ran swallowed. "N-no. It's just... I didn't f-finish it all."

A mischievous look appeared on Kasumi's features. "Oh really? How far did you get?"

"Ha... to the part where you're uh... going to give me..."

"Head?" Kasumi finished for him.

"Yeah," Ran retorted a little breathless. He was surprised that Kasumi was doing so well with all of this. When he'd first done these things he had been a mess. It wasn't fair that Kasumi was so good at it. He was good at everything else as it was. Ran made sure to make his feelings about the matter known.

Kasumi flushed a little. "Having a pretty good attention to detail is what makes me able to do things decently I believe. Right now I'm scrutinizing every little change in body language you have, watching for the first signs of hesitance or displeasure. The moment I see something I will immediately back off in order to reassess the situation. I'm plenty nervous, but like I said before I have a very good poker face."

Oh, he saw how it was now. Kasumi was nervous too. It was just that he didn't want to screw this chance up. He wanted to make of it what he could while he could. Ran smirked. Kasumi was the "seize the day" kind of guy after all so he shouldn't have been surprised.

Ran made sure to show that he was appreciated every bit of what Kasumi was doing for him, and when Kasumi was to his waistband he made sure to nod in consent. As with the story, Kasumi bit at his lip before slowly bringing his hands up to the tented area of Ran's pants. As Kasumi massaged that area Ran vaguely wonder whether Kasumi would normally act this way or if it was just because of the story. The sound of a zipper going down banished the thought from his head. It wasn't all that important anyway so long as Kasumi was enjoying himself. From the smoldering look Ran received from Kasumi before the man wrenched Ran's pants down, it was obvious that he was. Ran was also aware now that the written Kasumi was not the same as the real Kasumi. He'd make sure to mention that the next time he saw Mina. The very idea would drive her crazy.

Ran was brought out of his thoughts and into spine-tingling pleasure when he felt Kasumi's hands on either side of Ran's hips. Watching the erotic face of Kasumi lower towards his erection made Ran quake with anticipation. He found himself on the bestowing side of a whimper when Kasumi only blew on it.

"T-tease," he managed to get out.

Kasumi grinned before bringing his head down again. This time he brought his mouth over the tip of the man's erection. Ran moaned lustfully at this and continued making noises of appreciation as the other licked and gently sucked. It wasn't until Kasumi tried taking Ran's entire length that Ran spoke coherently again.

"C-careful with the teeth."

Kasumi made a mental note then resumed his motions. When he started humming Ran let out a bit of a strangled cry. This was obviously a good sign. Using this along with four or five bobs of his head every once and a while brought Ran hurtling to the edge. By that point it was all Ran could do to keep standing. This man's ragged breathing, flushed demeanor, and hazy eyes brought Kasumi immense satisfaction. He would never admit it, but he was actually close to the edge just by watching him. Putting that thought aside, Kasumi's mind filled with one thing; he wanted to make Ran come. That want as his driving force, Kasumi hummed again.

"K-Kasu. I'm going to... haa... you've gotta... uhn..."

With a searing suck to the tip, Ran saw white. He was unable to control his hips, but Kasumi was strong enough to hold them down while Ran rode out his orgasm. When his body was finally through and had started to cool down, Ran managed to open his eyes and look at his lover. He gasped when he saw Kasumi licking his fingers.

"You swallowed it?"

Kasumi glanced up at him. "Yeah, so?"

Ran was at a loss for words. He hadn't expected Kasumi to do that. As Kasumi continued licking off any remnants of semen, Ran comprehended a bit better. Kasumi was a bit of a neat freak. Swallowing would be the easiest way to make sure there was no mess. That possibility of that being the reasoning behind his actions made the entire thing a little less romantic. Ran mentally shrugged. It was still hot as hell anyway.

"Nothing. Just a little surprised is all." Jokingly he added, "So how was it?"

Kasumi thought for a moment then responded. "Not bad. Kind of sweet. You must eat pretty healthily."

With that Kasumi stood up and licked his fingers again. For some reason the taste still lingered there. It wasn't until he heard a light groan that he paid attention to Ran again. To his surprise Ran was biting his lip. A glance downward showed just how much his cleaning himself had turned the other on.

"What is it?"

"It's your turn that's what," Ran called out in a voice that was lower than normal.

Kasumi gasped when he was suddenly exposed then pushed back onto his bed. A hungry kiss made him quickly remember that he had in fact still not been relieved of his own problem. Ran wasted no time in working to change this fact.

It was late when Kasumi's father came back to his house. Figuring that the boys were asleep by now he did his best to be quiet. He had expected them to be up in Kasumi's room, and if he were honest with himself, not decently dressed. He had also expected the door to his son's room to be locked. He was surprised to find that none of these were the case. He located the boys fully clothed and asleep on the couch. The television was on with some program about cakes on. He turned off the television then grabbed a blanket out of the closet. He gently placed the it over the two boys.

Stepping back, he admired the scene in front of him. His son and what he could only assume as his boyfriend now were holding hands while they slept. Not only that but Kasumi's head was resting on Ran's shoulder while the other boy's head rested atop Kasumi's. What made things even more endearing was the fact that Kasumi was drooling just a little bit. The man chuckled at the thought of the two of them waking up in the morning. It would be fun.

Turning to leave, Kasumi's father stopped only when he noticed the camera that was sitting on the entertainment center. Looking at the two again he knew he couldn't resist. Turning the camera on he quickly snapped a few photos of the two. Happy with the results he carefully made his way up the stairs to his room.

Lying in his bed, he thought about the new couple. He sincerely hoped that the two boys did well together. Of course they would have hard times ahead of them, and yes the statistics of male only couples staying together weren't the best, but surely things would work out all right for them. The two of them might not be aware of it but it was obvious to him that there was something deeper than just a general liking or attraction between them. Ah well, he didn't need to think about all of this now. They were young and they'd deal with all of these things when the time came. They were good boys with good heads on their shoulders. They'd do all right. As long as they stayed true to themselves they'd do all right.