i have tried time and again
to explain my meaning of love
and i came the conclusion(with some help)
that a tribute was in order

the magic that lies at the tip of my tongue
but never at the tip of my fingers,
stuck throbbing in my lungs, that
always lets my smile linger

love, leaving strangers starry eyed
this love, it's like,
what every fit of joy,
every laugh and hug,
every smile and kiss,
all are saying wordlessly,
i want to try to find those words,
but for now, i'll leave you with the feeling.

sleeping, youre thinking of me,
subconsciously, youre saying,
"i hope this never dies"
you're dreaming while your body lies

leaving you and i hyptnotized
simply by gazing in one anothers eyes
and still, my beating heart is speeding
it isn't the only one still surprised,
he loves me,
and i love him
and suddenly, i've grown codependent,
this love.

how can i describe it, this love, moving so quickly
that i can't try to hide it, i'm beaming so wide
that my jaw has realigned
for a permanent stage,
with a new smile on my face, that never fades.

these fits of joy that make me squirm,
tooth marks on my lower lip,
from hiding this excitement
it doesn't change a thing,
my heart is on the string, around your neck,
so when i'm gone you'll never forget,
that i love you, i love you i love you i love you.