Okay, so, this deserves an author's note.

If you are one of the few readers who started off with my original version of Tertiary, please re-read this new one from the beginning. I've made a few very important changes and a LOT of smaller, grammatical tweaks. I started Tertiary in 2005, so needless to say, I'm catching a lot of things I want to change as I re-visit this project.

Now, if you've never read Tertiary before, read no further and continue on to Chapter 1. Enjoy!

For those of you who are still here, the next part will not be a spoiler, but informative for you. You'll realize right away that I've made a few name changes. Rakael has become Rachel, Artemis is now just plain Art, not short for anything, and Athena has become Christine. The main reason I did this is… well, all three of my female leads had very bizarre names! I already have a group of high school psychics all together, what are the odds that so many of them would have kooky names too? :p

The second thing I changed has a much bigger impact on the story. Art's power is no longer shapeshifting (as I'm sure you insinuated from the last story.) And Christine's power is also, no longer shapeshifting. Alas, the cool dragon wings are no more. I felt a little strange with two random shapeshifters amid Pyrokinetics, Healers, and the like. It caused Tertiary to border more on the fantastic than I really wanted, so their abilities have changed. I'm grateful they have, though, for that change is ultimately what inspired me, destroyed my story-killing writer's block, and tied up enough loose ends for me to pick this story back up again. Hooray! Chapter 5 is done after years of incompletion!

That's all, folks… no more author's notes from here on out, unless I'm answering questions left in a review. Thanks for reading!