Chapter Three: Tomorrow

Rockwell was an interesting amusement park. She was there with him, so it obviously couldn't be fully enjoyed, but it was . . . interesting.

Oh screw it. She was having fun, because it was him there with her. Who knows why. But that didn't mean she wasn't going to mess with his head. Just . . . for that night, she was going to have fun. With him.

She couldn't teach him a lesson if she didn't get him to fall for her first, right? Right. So . . . it was all a part of her plan! Yes. Exactly. It was all a part of her very detailed, high quality plan. She had blueprints and spreadsheets everywhere. She had her own lab, like Darren or Dory or Daxter or whatever his name was. He was on Nickelodeon and he had a lab. So she would be like him. Just with better hair and no annoying sisters that like to press big red buttons.

Anywho, well, not yet. But she would eventually, when she felt like putting a lot of energy into it. Just not right at that moment. But she would!

After they had bought their neon orange bracelets (whoever decided on that deserved to be pummeled by fashion designers everywhere), they took a moment to observe the wide variety of rides.

"So, what's first?" Camble asked, still taking a good look around.

"Hmm . . . ooh, ooh, ooh, I know!" Marci grinned.

The mood sure lightened up fast. Though he made it really hard to figure out how he felt. One second she thought she had him, but next thing she knows he's not angry anymore, and instead he's literally dragging her to an amusement park thinking she'd like it. Boys. Such complicated creatures.

"What?" he smirked, amused by her sudden frivolous and carefree attitude.

"The merry-go-round!" She tucked her hair behind her ears and waved him towards the spinning horses. "Come on!"

"You're kidding me," Camble said, his expression gone flat.

"Please?" Marci begged. "You have to. It's the most classic ride here!"

"Yeah, a bunch of fake horses speared in place with poles, spinning in circles. I've had enough of that for a lifetime or two."

"Oh come on, I'm sure your experiences on it weren't that bad." Marci rolled her eyes, breathless from the chilly weather.

"Oh yes, yes they were."

"You're going on the merry-go-round."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not. There's no way in hell you're getting me on that thing."

And that's why ten minutes later, after a very big scene Marci caused by nearly pushing him all the way to the ride, he found himself not on top of a horse—God forbid—but a pink unicorn.

He would have preferred the horse.

And Marci was beside him on a simple black stallion, nearly falling off because she was laughing so hard. He mumbled a collection of curses under his breath, hoping that nobody recognized him. It was a miracle she hadn't fallen yet, seeing as her legs were barely wrapped around the hunk of plastic nightmares. But she just continued on laughing.

He was not happy.

And that was before Marci pulled out her cell phone and snapped a picture for memory's sake. Camble slowly turned his head to her with a murderous look on his face.

Which, of course, only sent her into more fits of laughter.

"You . . . look . . . like such a little boy!" she teased between laughs. "It's . . . just so . . . cute!"

"I liked it better when you hated me."

"Well, I'm being nice to you for today. It's unexpectedly fun to torture you," Marci giggled.

But this was all a part of the plan . . . right?

"Gee, thanks. Can I get off now?"

"It didn't even start yet! Keep your pants on."

"Nah. I think I'll take them off now."

"Camble! There's children on this ride!"

"I'm sure they won't mind."


Camble mocked surprise. "Marci! There's children on this ride!"

"Oh shut it, pink pony man."

". . . That's not funny," Camble pouted.

The carousel music started, and Camble just looked up at the speakers in dismay. Very slowly, the ride started to spin them, the ponies bouncing up and down rhythmically.

"God, this should be illegal. It's like . . . pony porn."


"What? I'm just making a point!"

She seemed to enjoy the ride. It was probably because of how badly he handled it, but he was too out of it to even think about why.

Camble was now trailing behind Marci in any random direction, which he should have known better than to do, especially after the merry-go-round incident. But he was too traumatized to notice.

About halfway through the ride he threw up on the kid next to him.

That little girl was not happy. And neither was her mother, but Marci pulled him away just in time to save him from being sacked in the face with a purse.

"Camble . . .?"

He groaned.

"Oh get over it, it wasn't that bad."

"I threw up on a little girl. Of course it wasn't bloody bad!"

"Ooh, you must be really angry. You brought out the British accent on me."

He glowered at her. "Well excuse me for where I was born."

"I didn't say it wasn't . . . you know," Marci trailed off uncomfortably.

Camble furrowed his eyebrows. "It wasn't what?"

"Sexy," she coughed. "Well would you look at the time!" Marci exclaimed, shoving her watch right into his face. He reached up and grasped her wrist, pulling it down slowly for measure.

"Ah, so you think I'm sexy," Camble grinned seductively.

She looked up at him with wide eyes. "Hold on there, buck-o, don't think that means anything. It was just a simple observation."

"Oh. Then you won't mind if I scream it out loud?" he asked naturally, his eyes sparkling.

Marci's jaw dropped, and she gave him a look. "You wouldn't."

"But, you see, love, I would," Camble drawled, giving her a subtle wink.

"Well . . . eh . . . uhm, let's go get some cotton candy or something," Marci huffed defensively, stepping back from him and nearly bumping into some dude armed with three tubs of popcorn.

He chuckled as she squeaked and apologized to the guy. "This way," he said, leading her over to a snack stand.

And the night went on somewhat like that. Marci would force him onto an embarrassing and ridiculous baby ride, and he would end up complying childishly.

She had fun.

. . . For the sake of the plan, of course.

But anyway, he seemed to have a good time too. He did get her to go on some roller coasters as revenge, but it turned out she didn't take it too well and ended up puking into three different places: the grass, the trashcan, and some guys popcorn bucket.

They went home after the third accident. Or, rather, they were kicked out.

And Marci knew her day of slacking was over, and that she would have to stop being so comfortable with him. She couldn't be weak around a guy like him. It would just be setting herself up for disappointment.

But, tomorrow, tomorrow was a different day.

And yet she prayed that somehow, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be all that different.