did you notice that i was holding back my tears last night?

i didn't want you to know,

that i was so close to letting everything get to me,

do you really care?


i hate how everyone thinks i don't matter,

my heart is such a weak thing,

that it lets the tears out more than it should,

i wish someone would just hold me tight,


and i lay here,

absently thinking,

about how nothing's gonna change,

i fight back the tears,


i know that i am easy to break,

so that's why i squeeze myself into pain,

to make them stop,

to force them to hault,


i hate myself throughly,

why can't anyone want me?

i wish just somebody would just like me,

but even my dreams deny my wishes,


i can't help but think you're going to be the one,

but still lay here alone,

and i wonder if this is how it's always gonna be,

the hopes crash deeper,


the dreams quickly turn into nightmares,

i want you just to love me,

can anybody find it inside themselves to love me?

i feel so empty,


i'm losing everything i've got,

even though you've told me you'd never leave,

but i feel you drifting,

were you just pretending?


i hate this feeling,

i don't want to be any lower than i am,

because i just might lose it,

totally out of control,


tell me, tell me,

i want to know what you're thinking,

why doesn't anyone trust me?

i want something,


i want to feel something,

staring off into space,

my mind turns the good thoughts into bad ones quickly,

i don't want to be alone anymore,


can somebody help me?

it feels weird for something to touch me,

i want someone to call me beautiful,

maybe loneliness and cruel words are my destiny?


everyone is leaving me,

there must be something wrong with me,

maybe i could get better?

please tell me what i'm doing wrong,


every day is like a slap in the face,

i've still got no one,

i'm still nothing,

can someone come around,


and change it somehow?

i'm so cold.