As I lay here on my bed,
I remember you and think,
When did we last meet?

I want to remember
The way we acted,
I wanted to remember
The way I used to be—
I wanted to remember
The days when I was

It's been at least a year
Since I've left, and still
I lay here on my bed and
Wonder about
What could have been.

We had been best friends,
And that was the way
I will forever think of you.
Remember the time I
Wrote a poem for you?
I remember it.

It was written when
You were in one of your
And I wanted to do
Something to make you
Feel better.

When I sent it to you,
I worried about what
You would think of it,
But your reaction showed me
That maybe, it wasn't so bad.

I remember the times when
We stayed up late at night
To talk to each other.
I remember that we met in
The Summer, maybe in the
Middle of July, and
Now that it's that month,
I can't help but think of you.

I want to know if you
Remember me.
I want to know if you
Resent me.
I want to know if you
Still love me,
Still miss me,
Because I miss you.

I'm not sure I've ever
Told you this, but
I love you.
Not in the way I'd tell
A boyfriend that
I love him;
I mean it in the way
You'd tell your best friend
You love them.

I miss you, and I wonder,
Here, as I lay in my bed,
If you miss me too.

If any of you were wondering, yeah, that's pretty much how I'm feeling at the moment. I miss my best friend, who I've never met face-to-face; we had met on a chatroom last summer, and we became friends. I helped him through his dark times, and now that I'm in my "dark time," I want to see him, because then, it would make everything better.

Also, I can't rhyme, and I didn't try, so, um, sorry about the fact that this poem doesn't rhyme.