He had been her world, her everything. He'd been the Prince Charming all little girls dreamed of. He even looked the part, golden hair, blue eyes, muscular build. And he had been hers. For the first few weeks, she had floated through the days, trying to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She couldn't believe he had actually asked her out! That had been four years ago, when she'd been fifteen. And even through the four years they had dated, she had still been the object of jealous glares.

Yes, when they had been dating, she had been on top of the world. She had felt beautiful, she had been the life of parties, she had danced like there was no tomorrow. She had spent hours on her hair, needing to look perfect for him. She'd spent even longer on her make-up, knowing that he only liked the drop dead gorgeous super model girls. She had dropped her friends, ignored family, ditched school . . . All for him.

He had been the perfect gentleman, holding open doors for her, taking her to fancy restaurants, he even got along with her parents! Her dad approved, and we all know how hard it is get your father to approve! For four long years, he had been part of her family, going to the cabin with them in the summer, celebrating her grandma's birthday with them, waiting with her in the hospital while her mother was giving birth. All her memories of her high school years were of him. She never went to party without him, she never celebrated a birthday without him, every time she looked back on those years, all she saw was him.

It was the last week of school, just before graduation when she found out. Her teacher had sent her to get some supplies from the storage room, and he was there - with another girl. That other girl was something that she could never be. The other girl was blonde, skinny, perfect and she was naked. So was he. She had never had sex with him, preferring to wait, but apparently he couldn't. So in came Blondie. She didn't lose it, yell at him, scream at him, didn't hit him, didn't yell at her, scream at her, didn't hit her. She simply left, and they hadn't even noticed her there, too wrapped up in their activities.

When he tried to catch up with her after school, she brushed him off. When he tried to call, she never answered. When he came to her house to see what was wrong, she never left her bedroom. The next day he cornered her, and kissed her, and said wonderful things to her, and she said no. After all that time, she dumped him. She went home, and called her only friend that she had left.

Tara came over, and they hours in her room, talking about anything but her break up. By the next day, everyone knew. Everyone knew that he had cheated, and she was the victim, and he was the villain. Even Blondie came and apologized to her, saying that he told her they had broken up. Days later, the night of graduation when she and Tara saw him with his tongue stuck down some brunette's throat, Tara asked, "Do you miss him?"

She took one long look at him and said, "No, I don't miss him, I miss who I thought he was."

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