This story is just an excuse for smut.

Has some changes in point of view...

[Warnings: MxM, witchcraft]


You like Google Earth do you?

Well: picture this.

The city: a large park. Zooming in, a girl walking a dog.

Hi, that's me.

I like walking, but the park's definitely not safe for a girl like me walking alone. I like to think of myself as voluptuous. My hips like to dance while walking, while my waist is really tiny. My boobs make driving quite difficult because of their size.

I mean, it's just my body, but somehow this makes a lot of sickos want me.

So I bought myself a really mean looking dog.

He's a black dog with lightblue eyes, almost white. It's spooky really. But it works like a charm. He's called Demon, because if his looks won't scare the sickos, his name will. God, how I love my dog, he's my freedom.

So, now I go walking the park, even when the sun is down, no prob.

I love it how he snarls when he hears a sound in the bushes after sundown. I mean, I know he's a total softie and he only growls because he's scared himself. But it's sooo totally effective that my heart flutters every time I hear it. Heh

I like the feeling of safety Demon gives me in this world filled with sick men. Luckily I live next door to a total dork. Dorks are cute, and safe.

Zoom in next door: the dork.

Hi, I'm Saburo. But everyone shortens it to Sab. Which makes me sound like a sap. Which I am. I'd love to be butch, with large muscles rippling underneath a tanned skin, but hey, that's not what my parents' genes had in store for me.

I even love karate, but never had the talent for that. So I settled on Tai Chi, which somehow I did have the talent for.

So I found myself a nice job as a Tai Chi trainer, just in the vain hope that someday some muscles might show up.

It's left me able to protect myself though, which is a relief, because I live next door to this crazy chick, with her demon dog. She even calls him demon. I mean, how sick is that!!

I don't like dogs, never have. They scare me, although I will never show this to anyone because they smell fear, a fact that scares me even more.

I'm gay, which only adds to the total dorkiness that is me. How sad is that: a gay man with a physique that makes everyone laugh. I struggle through my life bravely though. There's not a single gram of fat on there, but it's just the body of a young boy on a thirty year old. I don't hate it, just don't love it either. Never found a man good enough to settle with. All the men I ever went out with took off the moment the shirt was of. I mean, no muscle definition equals no sex in this town. Sigh. Oh well, back to my RPG.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes there's this gorgeous guy standing in my living room. He's sniffing the air and walking towards me purposely. Wow, his shining brown-black hair has highlights everywhere and with his muscle definition he's bound to get laid every single night. And he's looking at me like I'm the best dessert he's ever going to gobble down. I must be dreaming, this is never going to be true.

So if I'm dreaming, I can be as daring as I want. Hmmm.

"How are you handsome?" Is that voice mine? Oooh I must be more daring than I ever was before. Maybe I'm just frustrated from lack of sex. That must be it.

The man stops before me and licks his lips. How sexy… that shine that is on his lips.

I can't resist it. Without ever having heard his voice I stand up to hesitantly kiss him.

He grabs me instantly and janks me closer. How warm and firm can a body get! Mmmm I just love how this man feels against me. Groan, this is the best dream I've ever had!

His lips are firm against mine as suddenly his tongue leaves his mouth to enter mine. I groan again and shiver as he groans in echo. My hands start feeling his broad (totally butch!!) shoulders. One hand going up into his silky hair. The other exploring his muscle-rippling back. Groan.

Our kissing is getting wilder and wilder as our tongues battle for dominance. I never imagined myself to be so aggressive. But I feel my pelvis pushing against his. Two hot stiff rods riding in between, grinding against each other.

Wow this guy is hot. Did I leave my heating on too high???

Suddenly, he grabs my shoulders and pushes me to the floor, still groaning in my mouth.

His hands are everywhere and suddenly I'm without clothes. The cool air makes my nipples stand up. Must mean that this heat is coming from me (and not my heater)??

O what the … All thinking stops as he starts lapping my belly like it's the best thing he ever tasted. All I can do is lie there, stunned. Wow, I didn't know I had such a vivid imagination. Does dreaming come from your own imagination?? That's the last thought I have during that dream, as he continues doing that glorious thing with his tongue and mouth. First my belly, but very soon it's my rod that's getting al the attention. As I spiral deeper into ecstasy and oblivion I can only …..

aah, aaaah, aaaaaaah.

Sigh, wow, that was fantastic.

As I lie there panting and spent, I open my eyes for the first time since we started kissing and I find him leaving, cocking his head like he's hearing something. Then I hear his voice for the first time, excluding the groaning from a moment ago of course.

"All right missy, I'm already halfway" He sounds like he's grumbling about something. But I don't mind, his deep voice resonates deep within me. I would love to hear that voice again, saying anything.

And then he's gone.

Wow what a dream!!

I wonder what my Freud-loving niece would say about this one. She already had a ball about that one with all the ladders. Supposedly that's all about penisses… Well.

If I could choose dreaming about penisses, I'd rather have this one.

As I stumble of to my bed I briefly wonder about the level of realism in this dream, but soon all thoughts leave my head as it lies on the pillow.

The next day my neighbour, you know the scary girl, runs up to me as I leave for work. "Mister Naburu, Mister Naburu, please, could you just stop for a moment. "

Damn, here I thought I could shake her off by casually walking just a little bit faster. Damn.

"Hi there" my fake smile's painfully untrue on my face as I turn around.

"Mister Naburu, could I please ask you to walk my dog for me tonight, I really need to go home, my fathers in the hospital and I don't have anyone else who can do it". Now that I'm talking to her I see her red-rimmed eyes. So she's human after all.

Well, I'm a sucker for saying no, so before I know it I've said yes. "What makes you think I can do it?" "Ah, anyone could do it, Demon's just a big softie. And you're the only one who's available". I watch her leave with a horrified expression on my face. That black menace a big softie? Un*******believable.

So, here I am after dinner with her key in my hands, which she dropped in my mailbox with a note. Sighing, I walk to her door, slowly. I didn't know it possible to walk so slowly and still call it walking. And me being a Tai Chi trainer and all, I know everything about walking slowly. On my way I keep picturing my self under attack by a big black dog, shredding me to bloody pieces. Shivering, I curse my imagination.

Just that thought brings back my dream from yesterday. Now that's a wonderful thing to do with that imagination of mine. If I survive this 'walk the dog' I hope the Goddess of dreams will grant me another like yesterday. That's something to hope for, if I survive this.

Opening the door I spot this big black menace with his ice-blue eyes focused upon me. I shiver and seemingly in response the dog actually hangs his tongue out, starting to pant. It makes him look just a little bit puppy-like, so maybe, just maybe this 'big softie' thing is true.

Very miraculously, walking Demon went very well. He just followed my heels the whole way, while no one pestered me. I can understand how this girl would love the effect this dog has on people. I was still feeling awkward though.

When I leave the dog in the girl's apartment, I hear him whining just a little bit. Ok, now I believe, this dog is just a big softie.

That same evening the girl calls me. "Oh mister Naburu it's horrible, but I have to stay here much longer. Is it an imposition to ask you to care for Demon just a while longer?" Her voice sounds like she's been crying, so of course I can't say no. Honestly, I don't mind, maybe I'm falling for this dog. Aargh, no, that's just too strange.

But I must have gotten great karma walking Demon, because that night I was granted another wonderfully erotic dream, leaving me panting and spent. Again I never heard his voice or saw his eyes, but hey, the rest was so detailed that I can't complain…

The next couple of days are spent in bliss. Walking a dog is more fun than I could have ever imagined. On Saturday this fun was spoiled big time, because unbeknownst to me, this was the night that all couples with no place to stay apparently chose the park to make love in. While walking Demon around all I could do was hoping to close my ears to all the panting around and closing my eyes to all the naked bodies in the bushes.

It leaves me effected big time, my pants straining around my erection in no time. Strangely Demon seems effected too. His panting is louder and harder than usual, and instead of walking my heel, he starts to pull the line. Suddenly, he pulls really hard and I let go. Before I know it he's gone. Oh no!! How do I explain this to my neighbour??

The next moment, I forget everything as this man from my dream is standing right before me. He's wearing jeans and a collar, which makes his bare chest with rippling muscles extremely defined. Aaaargh, in real life he's just as gorgeous as in my dreams. Where'd he come from? I look around when I notice the man is slowly walking towards me, with a big purpose in his steps. For the first time I look into his eyes.

For a moment the world just stops. The eyes capture mine and draw me in, leaving me without thought. Suddenly, remembering to breathe I marvel at this magical eye-colour, as this man reaches me and grabs me close.

"I need you" he whispers softly, his soft low voice rumbling against my chest. I feel all my resistance leave me, as I remember all those dreams from the week before. My knees buckle under me as he starts to slowly kiss me. Slow but powerful, his tongue explores my mouth and dares my tongue to battle. The moment my tongue joins the fight he groans and moves even closer. Never thought that possible!

Before I know it he has me lying on the cool grass. Which makes me remember the dog. The dog!!! Damn, I need to find this dog.

I struggle to stand up. "What's wrong?" the deep rumble almost distracts me to my purpose, but I find my wits long enough to answer " I… need to… find …. dog".

"Don't worry about him, he's fine" The man answers almost absentmindedly, while starting his ministrations again.

I sit up straight "how do you know that??" It's like a cool wind is blowing in my heated mind, all my lust momentarily forgotten.

He stares into my eyes for a long time. "I can't explain right now ok. Just trust me?" His eyes gain a sort of puppy look, and just for a moment he reminds me of someone… I can't remember …..

"I can't, I don't know you" my brain has finally caught up with my body. This is not a dream where I can do as I like. This is reality where consequences are always following actions.

"Please, let me love you as I've loved you before" His voice is pleading me now.

Now I'm angry. "What do you mean 'before'? What do you know about my dreams?".

"They weren't dreams" he's looking real dejected now. If he'd have puppy dog ears they'd be drooping now. Something clicks in my mind, looking at him….


He looks up "yes?" Hope shines in his eyes.

Oh my god, I can't believe this.

My mind's suddenly completely blank. That seems to happen a lot with this person around…

"Ok" I grab his arm "come with me" I drag him home. Shutting the door I coldly speak "start explaining".

He looks at me with those big eyes, pleading me to pet him, but I'm completely cold. I hate being tricked as I pride myself on my grip on reality.

He looks at his toes, shuffling them. "You know my mistress right?" He looks up. I nod my head, just once. "well….. She's a witch"

I start laughing mirthlessly "and I'm supposed to believe this??"

Only silence answers me. Pondering it for a moment, it's not any stranger than this guy actually being a dog.

"Continue" My cold voice is back after the short surprise.

"She knows that words have power, and she named me Demon, with a naming ceremony and all. I think she just meant for me to be a really demonic dog to strangers, but she's better than she thinks. It turned me human. Ever since that ceremony I can choose my form. My Mistress is the only one who knows….. besides you "

His head is drooped, he didn't look up once during his story.

I sit down. I need to sit down…..

As I start mumbling "I don't believe this" he slides towards me to hold me. There's no resistance left so I just slump against his shoulders.


As I stare ahead trying to rationally work this out, this man, sorry, demon starts to slowly stroke my back. I unconsciously lean into his petting, my mind elsewhere occupied.

Slowly but surely his petting is getting ever more intense. As I hear myself groaning, he captures my mouth with his.

"D…Demon, please" I whisper, barely getting the words out for panting so hard. "Please what?" he stares at me questioningly with those cute puppy dog eyes. How could I ever have thought of those eyes as scary?

I give in; this dog from hell is just a big softie, really.

I smile at him and whisper "please go on"

He yelps happily and grabs me close, just hugging me. "I love you" he whispers.

Knowing how loyal dogs can be, I believe him instantly. I push him away a little bit, just to look him squarely in the eye. "Demon, now, just go on already, I'm dying here" mirth apparent in my eyes, I look demonstratively to my straining erection. "Take responsibility already".

He yelps again while picking me up, walking towards my bed. "Oh, I'll take responsibility alright" his husky voice is the sexiest thing I've ever heard.

Lying on the bed, he slowly starts taking off my shirt. Now that I know this is not a dream, I'm feeling strangely self-conscious. All at once, I'm remembering all those times when my dates would flinch away, looking at my naked torso. As I'm trying to keep Demon from stripping me, he looks at me with this super-soft look in his eyes.

"Ssssssh, just let me, I've done this before, remember" His soft grumbling voice makes all my embarrassment crumble. "Talk to me Demon, tell me anything with that voice of yours" I groan.

"Mmmm, how I love how your body is slowly revealed to me as I strip you" It's like he's lapping me up with his eyes. "Your body smells so delicious" taking a deep breath, he demonstrates. Now that my shirt is off, he starts lapping and licking again. Ooooh, that magical tongue of his….hmmmm. "How I love the taste of your collarbone" he sais while licking it slowly. " Hmmm, the smell of your nipples" he inhales loudly "but the taste is even better". Now he's slowly taking my left nipple in his mouth. Oooooh, so hot. I'm buckling in my sheets.

"you're so sensitive. I love that about you" again his rumbling voice sends shivers down my spine.

While his mouth is doing all kinds of magical stuff to my nipples, his hand is roaming my body too. His caress is as light as a feather. The pads on his fingers are tracing al kinds of lines on my torso. It's as if he's tracing the muscles that aren't showing.

Oops, thinking that gets me all embarrassed again. "mmmmm, just relax Saburo, mmmmm".

Wow, I didn't know that someone calling my name could be so sexy and so wonderfully loving. I feel all warm and fuzzy suddenly.

But as his hand is descending below my navel and slowly tracing the outlines of my erection, my lust explodes. I grab his shoulders and suddenly I'm on top. "Now it's my turn" my voice sounds really husky now. As I lie on top of him I'm undoing his collar. While my attention is with this stupid clasp, his mouth's already on mine. Throwing the collar away, I'm fighting his tongue with mine.

Now we're rolling all over the bed trying to fight for dominance. Then my hand is on the bulge in his pants and Demon stops fighting instantly. Panting he looks at me with pleading eyes. "What do you want Demon?" I ask him with a twinkle in my eye.

"More……need you……feel you" his voice is strained, his beautiful eyes closed. So I expertly open his pants and free his fantastic member. It bobs a bit as it tastes freedom. Now I want to taste it too.

So, I slowly start licking. "mmmmm, you taste great too" my voice murmurs. His hips are buckling under me and I see his hands gripping the sheets. Slowly, I take his cock in my mouth and start my ministrations. The moans and groans from the bed start changing to yelps "no please stop I'm ….." the deep voice I love so much is straining from an effort in holding back. To no avail, for in no time I lick the juices from my lips.

My demon lover is lying on the bed with this completely blissfull look in his magnificent eyes. I smile seeing it. "Would you like to continue?" I ask him.

He only nods, looking at me expectantly.

I free him of his pants completely and admire his firm and round bottocks. Wow, such cheeks I've never seen. I can't help but want a feel, a taste……a dive.

I shiver as my hands caress those curves, aaah so soft and yet firm. I skim the parameters of his thighs, getting closer and closer to his entrance.

His eyes are watching me expectantly. My hands are caressing his thighs, his belly, teasingly avoiding his wishes. Maybe I teased him a bit too much, because suddenly he's on top again. His beautiful eyes are sparkling with a darker light. He's growling. The vibrations are resounding through me. I close my eyes in rapture. Aaaaah

Then I feel a finger near my mouth. "Lick it" sounds the voice I love most in a commanding tone. It's most erotic thing I've ever felt, those fingers of Demon in my mouth, my tongue licking enthusiastically. Then the fingers leave my mouth and one of them starts probing my entrance. I turn over to lie on my belly, allowing him better access.

His finger is pushing in and out, skimming my bowels to find that sweet spot. This is the first time we're going to go all the way and the anticipation is enough to make me come, almost. "Ah, Demon, hurry, I'm almost….." I groan in pleasure and anticipation.

Soon the finger becomes two and three.

As his fingers leave me, I feel empty. But not for long as his shaft is pressing gently forward. I press back against him and soon he's filling me completely. "Ooooh, so good!" his balls are dangling against my buttocks, feels soooo sexy!!

I have to do my best not to come from that feeling alone, so I start buckling against him to spur him on.

Soon we're slapping against each other, the sounds in my room the most erotic in the world. "I love filling you up like this" groans Demon in his husky voice. The rumbling of his voice against my back, and his words, are enough to make me lose it and I spill myself all over the bed. Demon cries my name as he's filling me with his milk, his warmth embracing me from within.

We collapse on top of each other, arms and legs tangled, breaths panting.

Demon slips off me to lie next to me. His eyes softly capture mine as his hand absentmindedly strokes some hairs sticky with sweat out of my face. "Saburo" he rumbles. "Yes my love" the endearment comes automatically and unconscious.

His eyes soften even more and he leans in to kiss me gently.

Our touching lips slide against each other, with the most loving touch I've ever felt. Sighing, I lean into his touch. His fingers caress my face. Softly his tongue enters my mouth, to stroke me internally. Sighing again, I close my eyes. Our kiss breaks and we snuggle against each other on the bed. As I feel Demon cover us with my blanket I drift off to sleep.

I awake quite rudely from an angry voice sounding through the phone. As I'm not really quick at waking up, I lie there listening to the sounds, without it really registering.

"What did you think!! I warned you extensively" A shrill female voice sounds over the phone. "Will you be quiet" sounds the dark rumble I love so much "I made my choice, tough on you"

"I'll be coming home now mister, and thén I'll have a long talk with that man" says the woman before hanging up. It sounds like she's angry. I'm puzzled and sleepy.

I feel the bed dip as Demon crawls next to me to hug me from behind. Hmmm, I love lying spoon….I sleepily push myself against him to fall asleep again. Before I lose consciousness, I think I hear Demon's rumble "I'll never let you go Saburo".

The next day I awake suddenly from the doorbell angrily ringing. I groan and slowly fall out of bed. Demon is still sleeping. How he can sleep with that noise, is a miracle.

Scary girl stands in front of my door, she's looking really angry "give me back my dog!" She's almost screaming. "Excuse me miss" I try to sound as calming as I can "Can you explain yourself calmly?" I use all my skills learned in Tai Chi to try to appear stable and calm, while my heart is wildly beating in my chest. This is the one person who can take my demon lover away from me !

She looks at me with angry eyes and sighs. "Alright, just give me a very strong cup of coffee, black and an apple" her natural commanding tone overrides any objections I might have had and she passes me into my own house. She sits down at the table like she owns the place and says to me "don't make me wait for my coffee too long, or I won't be responsible for the consequences".

At those words, I hurry into the kitchen to do as she says. She really is one mean witch! I pout a little at that thought. Bringing her the scalding hot coffee I sit carefully across from her. "So"…. She's blowing her coffee


Wow this is awkward.

Silence stretching endlessly, the only sounds her cooling her coffee. "Well, mister Naburu, Sab" I flinch at her use of my hated nickname "you had a good night yesterday?" I choke at her question. She knows? "wh…what do you mean?"

She sighs exasperated "I mean. Did. You. Enjoy. Demon. Yesterday?" She sounds like she thinks I'm the most stupid person in the world.

"Sex, intercourse, playing hide the salami" she continues explaining, until I'm redder than the tomatoes growing on my windowsill. I honestly don't know what to say, only staring at the bitch-witch across from me.

Luckily for me, Demon storms into the kitchen to attack her.

Wait, attack her? No, no violence in my house!!

I put myself between the two fighting people.

"I told you it had nothing to do with you, just leave already" growls Demon. God how I love his voice. Inwardly I sigh.

The girls looks really hysterical now, not cool and composed like a moment ago. "You unfaithful dog. I told you to watch it !!!" She's like a cat now, clawing and hissing. Lucky for Demon I'm the one who's bearing the brunt of her attack.

I look from right to left, from witch to demon. They have the very same expression of anger and hurt. Both are trying to get at each other, but seem content with me stopping them. I guess it's true what they say about owners and dogs being alike!

After a few minutes of this not so funny 'show' I've had enough. They act just like I'm not there, even though I'm the one in the middle.

I grab hold of all my experience and knowledge of Tai Chi, standing with feet like a tree, mind in the calm between two thoughts. Anger is raging through my veins, giving me strength.

With a strong but calm voice I say "It's enough already". My arms snake out and grab hold of both witch and demon. The strength of my life energy is flowing through them, adding to my arms' strength. I pick them up.

Wait, I pick them up??? I'm surprised at my self! Ok, no getting distracted, back to the task at hand.

Both man and girl are dangling from my arms. They've stopped fighting. It's funny really, they're hanging there with a look of extreme surprise in their eyes, looking at me and my arms. Those teeny, seemingly unmuscled arms, holding the both of them. If this wasn't so serious I would have grinned wickedly.

"Are you going to tell me what this is all about?" I ask sternly. After both silently nod, I slowly put them down. "And no fighting!" I sound like my father now, trying to keep me and my two brothers in line.

Demon looks at his owner "you start". She nods and looks at her feet. "After I messed up his naming I started to look for a way to work out this mess".

Her shamed mumbling is just barely audible. "It seems that after making love to the one he loves it becomes impossible for him to change back to a dog"

I look surprised. Demon does not, which surprises me even more.

"You knew this!" I try to look him in the eye, but he's looking at his feet just like the girl. "Look at me !!" Now I'm screaming. "You used me to become human!!!"

His look of hurtful surprise calms me just a little. He grabs my shoulders "No, no, Saburo, no. Don't say that. I love you. I just wanted to be with you. I knew, but I didn't think of that when I wanted to hold you. I only just want to be by your side, or inside" The last word is a low rumble, a sound more felt than heard.

I look into his eyes. My head is silent, no thoughts for once. Only my heart speaks, saying: hold him!

Sighing, I lean into him. "You make my life so complicated" I say into his shoulder. He holds me gently. "I love you Saburo. Please stay with me"

"Ahem. I hate to disturb you lovebirds, but I'm not quite finished" says the rude witch. "I found out just yesterday that you can't leave anymore. He'll die otherwise, being the loyal dog and all".

"And more importantly….who's gonna get me a new dog!!" She throws her arms in the air, stalking out of the room. A moment later the door slams.

Demon looks at me, those icy blue eyes never failing to capture me completely. "Well, never leaving you is not going to be a problem" I tell him softly.

We start kissing. Within seconds there's a heated battle between our tongues. The sexy sounds fill my kitchen.

Never breaking our intimate kiss we somehow get to the bedroom, leaving our clothes on the floor everywhere. Naked and panting, lips swollen from kissing, we flop onto the bed.

"Now it's my turn to make love to you" I whisper in Demon's ear. His only answer a long groan. As I start kissing the nape of his neck his groaning grows in intensity.

I kiss his collarbone and slowly kis him everywhere downwards to his abs. I grab his hips as my mouth grabs his dick. He's so big and hard… hmmm I love how he tastes. As I tell him so he pants "Stop…. Please stop Sa…Saburo……Fill me, now!"

Oooooh I love it when he sounds so desperate. Somehow, it feels like I have overcome all my reservations.

After I quickly slather my fingers with the vasiline from my nightstand, I enter him slowly, with one digit.

His rectum is still virginal and tight. Very gently I let him get used to my finger, while kissing his belly and his phallus. I believe Demon wants to make amends by surrendering to me completely. All I can do is take him gently.

I start licking his entrance while my finger is still trying to find that sweet spot. He shudders and all at once he's more relaxed.

The second finger is very soon followed by the third. He whimpers as I withdraw them from his body. "Hurts?" "No….. fill me……. don't leave me so empty" His husky voice is really desperate.

"You impatient puppy" I chuckle as my hard member is straining towards that warm place inside my lover.

As I slather my dick with a royal slab of Vaseline, I kiss Demon passionately. Then I slowly and gently enter my demon lover. The feeling is incomparable.

"So. Hot" is all I can groan out. "Yeah" is Demon's breathless answer.

"Move……more….. please" The pleading in his voice is evident. "You. Are. So. Sexy" With every word I move, more, deeper.

Soon, my flesh is slapping against his. The sounds of our bodies, our groans, our panting, everything's enhancing this experience of loving.

All too soon the slapping sounds in the bedroom end, both of us lying spent, together.

As I leave his body I feel a bit empty. Like a mind-reader Demon embraces me close, making me feel like I'll never be lonely ever again. This is the best feeling in the world.

The next morning I awake, feeling more refreshed than I've ever felt before. "Today is the first day of the rest of my life with my own personal Demon" I chuckle to myself. He may make my life crazier than anything, but I wouldn't want to go without him ever again.

How does life with Demon look?

Well, first of we found the witch a new puppy. She was still mad at me for stealing her dog and thereby her freedom. Luckily the Goddess of Fate had a surprise for us; a lovely Dobermann, with the wanted mean looks, but kind heart. One of my pupils asked me out of the blue if I knew someone who would want such a mean looking puppy. Her dog just had a nest, but she just couldn't seem to find a new owner for one of them.

I asked Demon's previous owner to refrain from doing that naming ceremony though. She agreed with me, for once. Luckily for me, after that she seemed to settle down and we could go back to being normal neighbours; Normal for a crazy chick that is, of course.

Just for kicks Demon and I have started walking the park together regularly. Sometimes going on Saturday's on purpose, sometimes avoiding the park on that day. Our lives are very happy.

He's surprisingly good at doing housework. So after I get home from work, the house is sparkly clean and the food is always on the table by the time I get home from work.

Besides doing the housework, Demon lately found a hobby-job where he can practise his mean looks, learned as a dog. He became a security-guard!!

I would love to say that the crime rate in our town has dropped because of it, but alas…. This is not a fairytale, although when I lie in his arms all I can think about is that I'm living happily ever after.

So maybe, besides the crime rate, this really is my very own personal fairy tale.