in a pool of gray
she sees the sun.

a/n (edit) this is prose and i meant it to be in paragraph form. :)

the eave of the shop hangs over my head as i gratefully crouch under its canopy. the rain pours in relentless torrents, soaking every sidewalk with impressive sized puddles. my lips chatter from the cold; i breathe out white puffs. the rain seems to abate only slightly, but i hold out in the senseless hope that it may stop altogether. because i'm cold and i'm wet and i really don't want to be more so. i look around in the gray (it's endless) and to my right, she sits at the bus stop. a familiar someone, the girl sits and watches the ephemeral dusk descend into a sleepy darkness. charcoal storm clouds cover the horizon. why does she bother? i can't help but wonder. to my surprise and to my delight, the rain does quit its raging, falling into a languid drizzle in which i run from my post at the shop. my feet pound into the sidewalk, a beat that brings me closer to my house and farther from the rain-dampened girl sitting on the bench. her hair is still sunny blonde through the downpour, clinging to her chin in imperfect curls. i glance one last time over my shoulder as she watches the gray die into a darker black. i wonder if the sun sends its dying words into her ear.