Think about it

When People look at me, they assume I'm dark and weird

I am the parrot in the flock of pigeons

I am the one tree that stands in the middle of a highway

Why can you see the truth?

I'm just a girl trying to find my place in the world

Think about it

There are times I wish I was invisible

When I'm just myself

People look at me as if I did a crime

I did

I stole the hearts of many people around me

As I said there are times I wish I was invisible

That's just stupid

Since I do everything I can to stand out.

Think about it

When you know something bad is going to happen

Does trying to prevent it from happening really help?

Does the bad thing happen because you tried to prevent it?

The bad thing happened because you didn't truly believe that a good thing would happen

Now as you regret it

You start to think a good thing is going to happen

Think about it

I'm not a bad person

I haven't killed anyone

I rarely lie

I don't kick little puppies

So why do people look at me as if the world would be a better place without me?

What have I done to make people hate me?

Be myself?

Think about it

Why is fear so powerful?

And gets to us?

We can't see it

We can't touch it


It grabs us with its sharp claws and begins to give us fear

I hate feeling afraid

I hate hate feeling out of control

Think about it

Think about it

All these questions get us into our heads

Think about it

We think that its okay if they aren't one of us

Think about it

Bad days can turn into good days after you look in the light