They were on the road again

This was their life. Tour after tour, gig after gig.

In all honesty, they should hate it. All that time spent away from their family and those they loved. But they didn't. They loved it. This is what they lived for. To get their music out there.

And being on tour had its up sides. Sure, they had to stay in a bus most of the time and had to sleep on a shelf.

But they had the PS3 on which they could play Fifa '09 for as long as they liked, and they had so much tea that they didn't know what to do with!

And, for everyone, there were their own personal perks.

Paul certainly had one in particular.

He looked across the tour bus to look at Jason playing the guitar, writing a new song. Jason was the lead singer, but he did most of the song writing too. He sure looked like a lead singer. He was one of those guys who would make anyone's head turn. Tall, dark hair, smouldering good looks.

Paul felt like nothing next to him. He had more of the 'cute factor'. He was a good few inches shorter than Jason, with short dark hair and dark eyes. One of the guys you skim over in a crowd.

As he was listening to Jason's music, he could only just make out the lyrics, because Kirk the sound guy was right beside him, trying to tune one of the guitars.

Every note that Jason sang was like music to Paul's ears.

He chuckled to himself at his own bad joke.

Jason looked up.

"What are you laughing at?" He smirked.

Paul blushed.


"You laughing at my lyrics?" Jason asked jokingly. "Well, come on then. See if you can do any better."

Paul went to stand up, tripping over as he did so. Jason burst out laughing and this made Paul blush even more.

"You need a walking stick, old man?"

Paul wished he would stop making fun of him just because he was the oldest. He was only a few years older than Jason. He was actually the oldest in the band, followed by Carter, the guitarist. Jason was the youngest of the band, being only a couple of months younger than Nicky, the bassist. Nicky has never really been accepted by the media as a proper member of the band. He never takes part in interviews and is rarely in any photo shoots, but he has been a loyal bassist and friend to the band for a long time.

As Paul was stumbling over, he forced a laugh.. He focused so hard in order to stay on his feet on that never ending walk to the other end of the tour bus.

He finally made it over and sat down next to Jason.

"Come on then." Jason said, nudging Paul playfully. "Show us what ye got!"

Jason started playing some chords on the guitar as Paul watched in awe.

Paul could play the guitar, sure. But he was no where near as good as Jason. Jason didn't look like he was even concentrating on playing, yet he could play it perfectly. Suddenly, the beautiful music stopped.

"Whenever you're ready, mate." Jason smiled.

'Oh that helped.' Paul thought. 'Smile that dazzling smile of yours, completely throw me off my chain of thought.'

But instead of saying that he said; "Sorry."

Jason started playing again. Paul had to show Jason that he was serious about him. He had to come up with the best lyrics.

"Come on, Paul. Just sing what you feel."

Sing what I feel … right.

So Paul did just as he was told. He didn't know what Jason wanted, or what he expected but he doubted that it was this.

Paul began to sing.

"Time stands still , But life moves on

And there's nothing I can do

My mind won't work, the words won't come

Somehow I must show you

Through melodies or lyrics?

From my heart, would you then know?

Cos if you won't, I'll open your eyes

And let the record show."

Every word Paul was singing, he was singing with feeling and it was all for Jason as he stared into those gorgeous brown eyes.

Jason stopped playing.

"Paul that was amazing! How did you come up with that?" Jason asked, his voice full of amazement.

Jason was amazed? Jason Murray was amazed at Paul Simm?

Paul was shocked.

"I just sang what I felt." He said awkwardly, sharply looking at the ground.

"I didn't know you felt like that!" Jason said. Then, smiling, he added;

"So who's the lucky girl, then?"