Carter took a look around the streets of Glasgow. (No harm in winding them up a little bit.)

He was standing in the middle, Billie on his right and the guys on his left, the pub behind him holding Kirk. And beer. GOD he could do with some beer.

Carter took a deep breath and took a step to the side to show his decision.

Paul and Jason were genuinely shocked.

He placed a hand on one of Paul and Jason's shoulders and looked at Billie.

"Well, I was never gonna choose otherwise, was I?"

Paul and Jason breathed a sigh of relief.

Billie looked angry, but knew he was defeated.

"Fine." he conceded. "I won't complain. But don't go flaunting it in my face. And I don't want the fan base knowing. Not yet. I'm not sure how they'd react."

"Great." Said Carter. "Can we go back and watch the tennis now? Roger Federer's about to win ... still." He added.

"Wasn't he 'about to win' about half an hour ago?" Paul asked.

"Yeah" Carter replied, rolling his eyes. Someone needs to win by two games, and right now they're going up game by game. 14-13 last time I checked."

"So ... he's about to win this frame and he'll win?" Jason asked.

"Game, Jason. And sort of." Paul replied. "He's about to win this set which will means he wins. The tournament. And he'll get a big shiny trophy."

Jason pushed Paul playfully on the shoulder, the way he always did.

Paul was glad to see how normal things seemed to be.

"Come ooooon!" Carter complained. "You can flirt inside. Go, go , go!"

Yep. Totally normal

They all walked into the pub which was now filled with people to watch the Roddick/Federer final. Roger was now winning this game.

Not that Paul cared. He was with Jason. Properly. He couldn't care about a stupid game. He was just staring at Jason. With the occasional glimpse at the screen.

There was a massive eruption of cheers from the crowd in the pub as Federer won his final point at Wimbledon

"So, he won?" Jason shouted over the noise.

"Yes, Jason. He won."

"And that's .... a good thing?"

"One of them." Said Paul, reaching up and pulling Jason into a deep kiss.

He was never going to get tired of doing that.

As the cheers continued in the pub, the couple kissed and neither had ever been happier.

Jason pulled away for a second to talk to Paul. Before starting he stole another quick kiss.

"Paul? That song you sang earlier? I really liked it ... D'you mind if we expand it and record


"You can do whatever you want with it. It was for you. It's yours."

"But ... I kind of don't want anyone else to hear it." He said quietly. "Not because it isn't

good!" He added hastily. "I'm sure they'd love it! But ... I want it to be kind of our song."

Paul smiled.

"Then that's what it'll be. A private love story."

Jason laughed.

"Cheese on toast, mate. NEVER say that again"

He then put his arm around Paul, holding him close.

The two guys looked up at the screen to see Roger Federer receiving his trophy, and both

couldn't help but think that they had won the best prize. -------------------------------------------

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