A boy just sixteen stands in the parking lot
Over the body of some kid he'd just shot
When he realizes he's still holding the gun
He throws it in a dumpster and starts to run

(Adrian) Your curtain's falling way too fast
(Adrian) So much future, so little past
(Adrian) How can the scene already be done
(Adrian) When the show's only just began?

His feet keep running, but he's not sure where
He can't go home, there's nobody there
Who will protect for what he has done
His fear still growing, he continues to run

He stops running though he doesn't know why
He sits on the sidewalk and starts to cry
Tired of life as a thug on the street
He thinks his life over as he sits there and weeps


He can't stop thinking about the kid that's dead
Thoughts of guilt run through his head
He could've been somebody's brother
Probably the son of a caring mother

And now he's done, this is the end
Of somebody's life, of somebody's friend
He finally realizes that he can't win
So Adrian goes to turn himself in


Now he's in jail where he'll probably rot
Where his life and his cell is all that he's got
Do you think the worst taste that could ever be tasted
Is the taste of a good life gone wasted?

(chorus x2)