What It's About

He was sitting on a park bench in New York
Watching as the children played
Thinking of his life and of Heaven
And of how maybe it's not so far away

He pulled the razor out of his pocket
His life was getting worse by the day
But just as he gained the courage to do it
A girl's reflection shone in the blade

She said, "What you doing there, mister?
Don't you know that thing's not a toy?
You could really hurt somebody
What would your mother say?"

Stunned, he just sat there in silence
And watched as the girl ran away
He hadn't thought at all of his mother
He couldn't imagine what she'd have said

Did this girl know he was in trouble?
Or was she some kind of sign from above?
Because of her, he put down the razor
To live for the ones he loved

Sometimes this world seems so crazy
That there's no way out
But life is always worth living
If you know what it's about

It's not about war, greed, or power
Or how much oil is burned
It's about the people who love you
And the ones you love in return