I rubbed my neck, it hurting like hell. I was in the hospital, having to have surgery for the wimpiest reason ever.

My roommate was a dude who didn't wear the hospital gowns but black jeans and a black shirt. Converse shoes were on his feet. His hair was black and covered his left eye and he seemed like the guy that didn't speak much.

I chose not to look at him, I might stare by accident. My name is Angela and I'm fifteen.

"What got you here?" I heard a male voice ask.

I turned my head to see the boy staring at me, awaiting an answer. I licked my lips, eyes wet. I opened my mouth the slightest and closed it again. I motioned to my throat and looked at him sadly.

"You're here because you lost your voice?" He guessed, on the verge of laughing. "You don't need to be in a hospital because of that."

"You're right, she doesn't." My doctor walked in, chart in hand. "The inside of her throat was cut deeply. She can't speak lest she opens the stitches." He looked at me and seemed to notice I was sad. "I'm guessing you're normally a talker?" I nodded, jutting my bottom lip out. He chuckled. "Don't you worry; you'll be gone in two weeks. Not counting the ending of this week." It was Wednesday.

The boy nodded. "I'm James…You are…?"

I mouthed my name, hand going to my throat, pain coursing through me.

He seemed to understand. "Angela…nice name." He smiled.

The doctor handed me a dry-erase board and a marker with an eraser attached. "You can communicate with that. It'll be easier." He turned to James. "Please, don't tempt her to use her voice. Opening the stitches would cause her to drown in her own blood." My eyes widened and I grimaced, grossed out.

James nodded and ignored us after that, texting to people. I opened my laptop and typed to my friends who were at home, worrying about me. There was Brian, Sandy, Jack, Mindy, Alex (a girl), Andy (A guy), and Frankie and Jason (Twins, girl and boy-I think you know who is what).

I checked my e-mail to see I had over 50 new ones. I rose my eyebrows in surprise- I hadn't checked my e-mails in one day. Most of my e-mails were get-well-soon ones and other kinds, really.

James pulled out his laptop and opened it, going to straight to AIM. I got a message.

"How've you been recently? I'm trying to hurry with work so I can visit." it read. It was my dad.

"Fine. You don't need to rush." I typed back.

"So, how'd you hurt the inside of your throat?" James asked, facing me as much as he could.

I blushed, knowing it was completely stupid. I pointed to the computer and opened the search engine on AIM.

"GrimReapersAssistant." he told me.

I typed it in, silently laughing. His computer dinged and he laughed.

"MusicIsLife? What kind of name is that?" He joked, amused by my so-called "lame" name.

I frowned. "Don't judge me…" I typed, glaring at the screen.

He held his hands up. "Truce. So, how did you?"

"Totally lame; my retainer cracked and slid down my throat, cutting it open while I was asleep." Typing quickly, I hit enter and sent it to him.

He read it over more than once and then looked back at me. "Not lame…"

I smiled a half-smile, holding in a blush. "you?" I pointed. It took all my power to not speak. It got really annoying to have to type everything I wanted to say…

He hesitated and then turned to the computer. "I fell down the stairs, cracking ribs and my spine." he typed.

I wonder why he typed and didn't speak.

"Totally lame…" he typed again, making me almost laugh.

I smiled again and typed: "Not lame…" smiling at him.

"Angela," the nurse came in from the door. "Your brother is here. He has something for you."

I ran out of the room, the doctor calling after me. I ignored him. I ran to my brother Josh and hugged him.

"Hey, Angela. How's the throat?"

I glared.

"That bad, huh?"

I nodded, pouting.

"Here," he held up a bag of clothes for me, complete with shoes and accessories. "Mom wanted me to bring this for you. Hospital gowns suck."

I nodded in agreement. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room. I had him stand near my bed and tapped my doctor on the shoulder. He saw Josh and gave him a hug which he returned.

"Josh, I'm glad to see you're healthy and well." My doctor- Doctor Dram- smiled.

My brother and doctor left the room.

"That was my brother's doctor when he had his many surgeries. I've known Dr. Dram for a long time." I sent the message to James, seeing his confused face.

I went into the bathroom and changed into black skinny jeans, black flip-flops, and a baggy, off-shoulder shirt that had a grey rose-print on it. It had an elastic waist so it hugged my belly and it fell of my shoulders, the sleeves extra baggy. I put on a silver chain necklace and many silver rings. I tied my hair up in a ponytail.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, James' jaw dropped.

I crossed my arms. I gave him a look that said "what are you staring at?"

He shook his head, jaw closed, eyebrow raised, eyes trailing up and down my body. "Just…never knew you had a figure, that's all."

I rolled my eyes and went to my bed. As I sat down, Dr. Dram came in.

"Angela, X-ray time." he informed me.

If I could have groaned, I would have. But I couldn't, so I didn't. I followed him to the X-ray room and sat down in the chair, waiting for further instructions.


All of Angela's words that are in "." are typed or facial expressions or thoughts that people could understand by the way she looked at them. When she does speak- for one time, I'll do double "".""