Pain is a pain in the ass, let me tell ya. My surgery was over and I was in my room, new stitches in my throat. Damn it! If I had kept my stupid mouth shut, I would've been gone in a week! But, no! I had to be my stupid self and yell. Now I had to stay for another two to three months.

And this time… I may not be able to talk at all anymore. Ever. Before, there was a chance but now… it's even smaller.

"Ange, try to keep your mouth shut this time, alright?" Dr. Dram said, worry lines on his forehead.

I nodded, flushing. I looked over at James' bed to see that it was neatly made and completely empty. His duffel bag was gone and so was his wheelchair. My heart hurt, for which, I don't know why.

Dr. Dram saw where I was looking. "He was let go an hour ago. He's never coming back."

My head snapped to face him and I felt as though I was ripped in half, one side throbbing and in pain and the other numb, gone. Why? Why wasn't he coming back? Why?! My brain screamed. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad he doesn't need to come back but… he didn't even say goodbye.

Doctor saw my expression and must have seen my internal turmoil. He set the clipboard down on the bedside table and sat down near my side. "When your stitches opened, he had come in. When he saw you on the floor unconscious, bleeding, he jumped out of his chair and held you, crying. When you were gone, he went to drag himself back to the wheelchair but his feet moved, as well as his legs." A smiled almost broke out on my face but I held it out, staying stoic…and a little creepy too. "The only reason he was here was for physical therapy and tests to see if and when he could walk again. His time here was up."

I nodded and stared down at my hands while he started to leave the room. "Oh and, by the way," He added, turning around in the doorway. "Turns out he had the ability to walk for a month now. See what that tells you." He winked and left.

I stared at the empty bed again, a single tear making its way down my cheek, all by its lonesome. I was alone now. By myself. I had to endure three more months all by myself.


"Angela," Dr. Dram called. "You have a new roommate." This would be the fourth one. Each of them got better almost every week and leave.

I was facing the window, not really looking outside. I was in my pajamas, robe, and slippers. I kept facing the window.

"Hi, my name is Monique." A female voice rang out cheerfully.

I didn't respond.

"She can't talk." Dr. Dram informed her. He left.

"Oh, that must stink. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk. I mean, talking is the best! Being mute is horrible, unable to truly tell people what you're thinking or what you want to say- having to use sign language that almost no one knows. It must be horrible. I wonder what the food is like here- must be good, yum, yum, right?!" I could tell there was a smile in her voice.

I still didn't respond, nor did I move. I had learned not to get attached to my roommates. Ever. Because once they're healed, they'll leave you. They'll never come back either.


I was sitting in my bed, staring at the TV. A cheesy old movie was on. I was alone. Again.

Monique had gone home a week after staying here. See what I mean? Always leave ya and never return. To be honest, I'm glad she was gone. She would not shut up.

The nurse came in with food for me and I blinked at her, saying thank you silently.

The move was really old but it made me want to smile…except at the scene I was at. There was this couple and they were in the rain, relishing in the feeling of the water on their skin and by just being together. They came close together and kissed.

I shut the TV off, unable to watch.

I had been so close to that when He was still here. Him- the one who made me feel this way. The way that made my heart plummet when I heard he was gone.

I turned my computer on and saw he was on IM. My ears perked and I clicked his name to start a chat.

"Hi, James." I sent it too late. He signed off one millisecond before I sent it. "Bye, James." I typed.


My friends were here, chatting it up, telling me about everything I missed. I sat there silent, as usual.

I must've been a sight. My skin was extremely pale, these dark shadows under my eyes- I looked dead: hollow.

And I was. He was gone. He was gone and He never said goodbye to me. No contact either. Not once. I never realized how much I felt about Him. How much I… I wanted Him here with me. I wanted His warmth, His care, His humor. I just wanted Him.

But I couldn't have Him. Because He left me. Dr. Dram had told me a couple months ago how He was able to walk for a while. At first I had thought, He stayed for me. He stayed to be near me.

But that was impossible. He wouldn't do that, no one would. He left as soon as He was able and He didn't even consider how I felt about Him.

I never considered how I felt about Him.


I was out. I was out of that dreary place and I was back in my atmosphere. The procedures were a success. I could talk again. And I could sing.

But my band wouldn't come back to me, they still went on. So I created my own band- just me and my guitar. And I was fine with that. Because all my songs were based after Him. About sorrow and loss and longing. All depressing music. And it worked. People loved it.

I was able to smile again and to sing whole-heartedly because I felt as though the music kept me in touch with Him- kept us together.

I was at Six Flags now with some of my friends. School was out and this was our celebration. Another thing that changed about me, slightly, at least: I never wore any other color than black. Not any other form of it, like grey, but just black. I looked alive again too, not like the zombie from before. But I still felt hollow without Him.

"Angela, come on! Let's go on Superman!" Andy whined. Yes, he whined. I laughed.

"Andy, relax! We already went on four times!" I reminded him. "It's not getting any different."

Joyce ran up. "How about we go get some food?" she suggested.

I nodded. "See? Now, that's reasonable. I'm running on empty here, with all the adrenaline rushed from the rides." I chuckled at Andy when his stomach growled.

We started walking when I heard a deep voice over the crowd. "Angela!"

I froze. I hadn't heard that voice in over four months. That voice that belonged to my inspiration. I turned and looked around, reminding myself to look at the average height since He would no longer be in a wheelchair.

"Angela!" He called from the left.

I looked over and saw Him standing there with a group of people. I recognized them as the boys from the hospital that day. The girl was no where to be found.

He started running over.

I turned to Joyce and Andy. They looked starved. "Go. I'll catch up." They smiled and ran off.

A body slammed into mine, arms wrapping around my waist, lifting me into the air, feet dangling. James spun us around in a hug. My arms stayed limply by my side.

I still couldn't get over the fact that he was standing, let alone walking. He set me down and smiled at me when he pulled back.

I stared at him, no smile, no emotion showing on my face.

"I can't believe my eyes! You're out!" He sounded so euphoric. I didn't say anything and he frowned, looking sad. "C'mon, Ange. Why aren't you talking to me? I know you can talk, I have your new album."

Why didn't you tell me? I thought.

His shoulders slouched and he sighed. "I thought it would be for the better. I didn't want to say goodbye because saying goodbye would mean I would have never seen you again. And I didn't want that."

I stepped forward and hugged him around the waist, tightly I might add.

"Can I hear you talk?" He asked quietly, next to my ear.

I pulled away, blushing. Honestly, to me, my voice sounded horrible. Scratchy and low. But that went well with the songs I sang. Not with talking. Other people said my voice was fine but I didn't believe them.

"Hey, hey, look at me," James put two fingers under my chin, pulling it up to look him in the eye. "It doesn't seem fair that others get to hear you talk and I don't. Even my ex, Cassie, got to hear you speak."

I almost smiled. He broke up with her. Now he was single. 3

"Can I hear you speak?" He asked gently, leaning closer to me, his lips only inches away. I still didn't open my mouth. "Okay, here. If you could tell me one thing, what would it be? That's all you have to say: one thing."

I bit my lip, staring into his gorgeous eyes that I always seemed to get lost in. "Kiss me." I whispered.

He smiled and placed his hand on my cheek, bringing his lips down on mine. His lips were smooth, soft, and just plain wonderful. He tasted like… rain. And it was fantastic. His lips worked against mine gently but roughly as well. By the way his lips moved, it was obvious he had a soft side but also a fierce side too. We fit together like puzzle pieces, perfect together. My arms went around his neck while his went around my waist, hoisting my up so he was holding me in the air, to him.

He pulled away so we could each breathe the much needed air. I stared into his eyes as we calmed our breathing.

"More." I entreated. I used my full voice this time.

He obliged willingly, almost immediately. This kiss was more passionate than the last. The last was to test one another. This one was filled with more lust, more love. He licked my bottom lip, begging for entry and I granted it, our tongues battling it out. Soooo delicious!

I pulled away this time, feeling too much emotion in that kiss. I had been cut off from every emotion except depression the last four months, that I forgot what it was like to feel this way. He started kissing my neck and jaw.

"James…" I murmured. He looked up at me. "I love you."

His eyes softened and he broke out into the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. "I love you too. Totally lame, right?" He teased.

I laughed, resting my head against his shoulder. "Mm…not totally. Just a little."

He smiled at me again before pecking me on the lips once more. He set me on my feet but didn't let go. I didn't mind.

"Dr. Dram told me that you had been able to walk for a month before you finally left. Why didn't you leave earlier once you were able?" I asked.

He smirked at me. "Why do you think?"

I shrugged. "That's just it- I don't."

He laughed. "Obviously. I mean, Ange," A thrill went down my spine every time he said my name. "The best thing that ever happened to me had been sleeping in the bed next to me. Do you really think I'd leave that?"

I shook my head before narrowing my eyes at him. "You didn't try anything, did you?"

"No. You went to sleep after me, remember?" He reminded before giving me the look I had just given him. "YOU didn't try anything, right?"

I smiled at him. "I love you." I kissed his jaw.

"That's not an answer." He tried to argue with me but his voice shook a little bit.

I kissed around his jaw and down his neck.

"Ange," He warned. "Come on, you're cheating here."

I pulled away from him completely but I still held his hands. "It's not like I did anything you didn't want me to do." I let go of his hands and started walking to the food stands.

"Angela!" He yelled.

I started to run, laughing. He followed, his face the color of a tomato.

Yeah, life was pretty great. I had a great career, great friends…, and a great Love. All because I was sent to the hospital.

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