Robyn: This was written for ranDUMM's challenge in the Lounge, "The Loner Pie". Sorry it's so short but I had like an hour to write this up. Very hazy, may edit someday to clarify it.

It was a sunny day in Casperyn when Leah Hall went grocery-shopping. She hated shopping with a passion - the tomboy of the family, Leah didn't particularly like shopping, whether it was dresses or even grocery. That was Mia's specialty. The eldest loved shopping with a passion, and actually was now out dress-shopping with the two young twins, Amaryl and Meriam.

Leah would have prefered to stay at home and tend to the horses, but the fridge had run out of everything except cabbages, and even those were almost finished. She wasn't especially proud of her car, a pink old-style car that couldn't fly, and flying cars were the norm in the 22nd century.

Parking the decrepit automobile in a dark corner away from sight, the hot-tempered brunette slammed the door with more force than necessary and walked away, not looking back. Whispers alit the crowd as she walked into the store - everyone knew the Hall family, and what they were. Nobody liked them, and with the prejudice that the bureaucrats were spreading, Leah was pretty sure that there were going to be some serious innovations in the laws soon. Leah felt like going up to the Leader and bashing him repeatedly with her staff, but that would've been impossible, not to mention embarrassing.

Leah wiped the sweat from her brow as she picked up a can of beans and peered closely at the label. She was aware of the hooligans trailing after her ever since she set foot in the shop, but she ignored them. They were just that, a pair of hooligans. Of course, she wasn't going to get home without a fight.

Not when her precious car was broken into bits.

Leah did hate her car very, very much, but it was the only means of transportation she had. She didn't like mingling with the crowd on the bus, and she didn't fancy walking ten kilometers to the Hall manor either. The brunette was glaring knives at the sniggering leader of the hooligans, who also had a rod in his hand. Even though it was illegal to use the special abilities that the Hall family was renowned for, Leah felt her heart throbbing in vicious, poisoned anger. She marched up to the kid and screamed at him.

"HOW DARE YOU? Do you know how much it will cost me to repair that?!"

"Does it look like I care?" He drawled, turning his back to her. The kid didn't realise that it wasn't wise to show your back to a person of the Hall family. Especially not an angry Leah Hall. What next followed would be the fact that Leah picked up one of the apple pies she bought for Amaryl, set it on fire and threw it at the kid. Leah hated apple pies. But not when you could use them for missiles.

Robyn: I know it's not very good, and I haven't had the time to revise it or explain what the Halls' special abilities were, or the situation of Casperyn. I hope I can revise it someday...