Written for the second lounge challenge! Enjoy :D

The worst day of my life began like any other. My alarm rang at 7.25 as usual and several minutes later my little brother had proceeded to run into my room, strip of my covers and jump on my head. That's right head, not bed.

After shouting and swatting him away, I ran downstairs to grab a quick breakfast.

'Morning sweetheart,' my mother remarked, barely looking up from her newspaper. I poured a bowl of cereal and pulled up a chair at the breakfast table. My older, and might I add, terribly annoying brother, was already seated, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. I absentmindedly grabbed the milk, while beginning to read a section on the newspaper my mother had pushed towards me. I poured some milk onto my cereal and then added a dollop to my coffee. I spooned the first mouthful into my mouth and chewed.

'Argh!' I shouted in alarm, sending the half chewed cereal across the table. My mother looked up, 'What the devil are you doing?' she asked.

'My cereal,' I spluttered, 'It's disgusting!' I grabbed my cup of coffee and choked down a large, scolding mouthful. I was met with a horrible taste that once again I set flying across the table. My mother sent me a murderous glare. Apparently my two younger brothers couldn't take it any longer. They began laughing hysterically, snorting and banging their hands on the table. My older brother looked up and pointed to the milk.

'That's not milk,' he manage to splutter between laughs, tears running down his face.

'It's laundry detergent!' He had barely finished the sentence before I launched myself at him, trying to get in a good position to throttle him. In my haste to get to him, I tripped over the telephone cord, causing it to crash to the floor along with mums best vase.

After a lot of screaming, mum managed to separate the two of us, making us both falter under her thunderous glare.

'GET. TO. SCHOOL. NOW!' she bellowed.

I grabbed my bag and scampered out the door. School was only a short walk from our house, but considering I had missed breakfast because of my toad of a brother, I decided to take a different route and stop at the corner store. I entered the store and made my way towards the confectionary section. Not exactly nutritious but after my horrendous morning I felt I deserved it. Walking towards the counter, I found myself standing behind a bunch of rather good looking senior boys. I tried to act cool as one of them started a conversation with me. After talking for a few minutes, I felt my phone begin to vibrate and suddenly the store was filled with the dulcet tones of;

'I like big butts and I cannot lie.'

Horrified I began slamming buttons on the phone until it eventually stopped. Cursing myself for leaving my phone lying around where my brother could meddle with it, I dropped the bar of chocolate I was holding, and ran out of the shop.

As I made my way to school I began to plan revenge on my brother, starting with dying all of his school shirts pink or shaving his eyebrows off in his sleep.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I entered the school gates as I realised that my day could not possibly get any worst.

Oh, how wrong I was.