For all of the ideas I never got to finish/write.


O is for Open (unfinished)

Where Luke reads Leah's diary.

One couldn't help but be curious when they sat in their friend's house, waiting for said friend to greet them. Luke certainly couldn't stop from examining every picture that hung on the wall, finding a smiling Leah in most of them and pondering over a photograph that had a mysterious man there. When Leah did finally sprint down the stairs and run into the living room, he looked at her with a smirk and pointed at one of her elementary school pictures. "Lost your first tooth?"

She flushed at the reminder of the occasion and walked in front of him as if to block it from sight. "Yes, and right before Picture Day, too!" Looking rather irked that he had pointed that out, she led him to her room where the textbooks lay in wait. She seemed to have wracked her brain over her homework, which was why he was here in the first place. She just didn't seem to be able to wrap her head around the things he found incredibly obvious, so he had offered to tutor her after school Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week. As soon as they entered the room however, she was called out again, and she reluctantly told him to hold on before rushing out to answer her mother's shout.


Q is for Quaint (unfinished)

Where Luke tries to define Leah.

He couldn't help it.

As he watched the brunette run around the tree after a squirrel, Luke smiled at her childish behavior. Leah would never change, even when years passed and she graduated high school and went on to college. He just knew it. She'd stay silly forever. It was speculation that had a high probability of being right, and he wasn't afraid to tell her his theory because he knew that. He was always right, of course, but in this matter he was especially right. He just couldn't imagine her changing herself for anything, not even the end of the world.

As he walked calmly after Leah exploring the forest by his house, he tried to find a word that could accurately describe her. "Silly" wasn't necessarily the one he wanted, because it simply spoke of immaturity, not of her other unique qualities. "Childish" wasn't accurate since she could be very mature at times, but still in her odd way.


R is for Rain (not even started)

Concept: Leah running through the rain and playing with Luke; he eventually pulls her out of rain, and they both laugh at each other's wet clothes.


S is for Summer (not even started)

Concept: Forced outside because of important business meetings at the Beddingwith house, Luke and Leah have to withstand the heat without blissful AC.


X is for Xenon (not even started)

Concept: Luke takes Leah to the city, shows her the sights and takes her out to dinner.


Y is for Yesterday (not even started)

Concept: …probably something nostalgic? *honestly can't remember*