You know, it's funny how it happens

Like some magical enchantment

Two people fall in love with each other

So deliciously attracted to each other

Never did I think it would happen to me

and never, in this way, did I imagine it to be

So many times before, others did I warn

Those other poor saps, online their love was born

yet here I am, now, falling head over heels

my head, spinning, it all just seems surreal

The same warnings now given back to me

by people trying to explain the hazards to me

as if I didn't know, as if I didn't weigh

this all out before I said I loved you that day

You can't stop love, you can't stop the feeling inside

no matter where it comes from, you can't stop the tide

And if my lot is to be hurt, my heart torn from my chest

I will regret not a minute of it, I will glady face the test

I will bravely see through what comes next

and still proclaim you to be better than the rest

A diamond in the rough, and born to be tough

A goddess, small in size, but great inside

I love you more than words can say

and I look forward to a lifetime with you

perhaps a family beyond just us two

a million days span before us, ours for the taking

and time is the only barrier that needs breaking

so, for now, I am content

just to be with you to talk with you,

to hear your stories and share mine

Because I love you and I need you

to be with me, and love me

and need me for all time