an image in my soul, a portrait in my mind

painted by one of the great artists of time

perhaps it was Rembrandt or maybe it was Botticelli

that painted you in my heart so keenly

But they could never paint so beautifully

as beautiful as their paintings were

They could never have painted you, my dear

An angel suspended on silver wings

A halo of hair through which the sun is shining

Causing a Sunset glow so divine

as to melt my heart, to destroy my mind

but the beauty of the painting does not stop there

No, indeed it doesn't, my sweetheart

For the genius of the painter was this:

How they were able to paint me in it

How they were able to paint me in your arms

A devil like me with an angel like you

And therein it seems, lies the charm

Why our love will see us through

And I thank the artist who painted me there

Trapped willingly within your picture, forever