For once in my life

I'm finding it hard to write

So many things have happened

Too much to handle for just one man

What happened to the romance

That we see painted in the movies

Of love never-ending

Of love that's to last forever

The couple that stays together

Is like a myth, a legend

A children's fairytale

What happened to it all

So we become empty, we fall

And I find it all so foolish

What chance is there for love to last

Too much fighting

And not enough caring

Too much crying and not enough laughing

Survival becomes for me a hollow shell

And it leaves behind my empty soul

From what I see, and have seen

True love is make believe

something sought out and never found

Leaving behind embittered dreams

Of two people together

And nothing lasts forever

What happened to it all

What happened to forever

Was it just something that never existed

Or was it once something more

People claim they fall in love

But they fall apart later on

What chance do I have

With this idea of romance

When I see it all around me

Those I thought would go the distance

Falter short of the mark, and fall so deep

The doors become shut, ever locked

Heartbreak becomes our modicum of life

For wanting something thats eternally fucked up

What happened to love everlasting

The dream of someone who would never leave

What happened to it all

or was it just an idea we tacked to the wall

Maybe it used to be something more

Than a myth, a legend, a fairytale

When two people find themselves brought together

Does anything last forever?