sometimes I sit for hours on end

just trying to find the part that fits

what's next to come,

what needs to be done

and all I can think of is nothing at all

a locked door at the end of a hall

blocking my train of thought

and I think all is lost

I give up for the moment, try to do something else

but the urge to finish it just gives me hell

I could do like so many have done before me

force myself to write, to just let it be something less

than what I want it to

not the full effect of everything I do

definitely not the best I can

just a passing fancy, a little bland

but if I wait,

no matter how long it takes

I end up coming up with something better

that pours from my soul, from pen to paper

all of it leading into what becomes the end result,

the sum of everything before it,

and it never gets any easier

to come up with something to top my best ideas