I've got a feeling for you

I know you feel it too

a feeling so soft, yet so strong

I know it's been there for all along

but I'm just realizing it

I know we've been through a lot

but you; you've stayed and stuck it out

you make me who I am

and kindly touch my hand

you lift me up, with your touch

and give me cause for happy thoughts

you make me who I am

I've been down some dark and troubled streets

while looking for a way to find my feet

and I stumbled on a rock

that I almost never saw

turned out to be a diamond

turned out to be you

I'm not a perfect man, but you give me;

you give me, a reason to be

something more than who I was

a reason to change, to better myself

and for all of this, I'm lost

I never expected to fall in love

I never expected to feel like this

and it's only brushing the surface