A little Ghost boy, lost

floating through the darkness

of twisted thoughts, carnal lust

Millions of horrifying things

each reaching out for the living

Clawing, scrambling, a family of ghouls

Who, much to their disappointment

Had this little Ghost boy, Ernie

Who, tried as he might

just couldn't scare a single soul

Oh, he tried and tried

with every boo, to fright a poor passerby

Poor little Ernie Just couldn't do right

His parents, also ghosts, would look down and say

"Ernie, someday, You're going to have to take

The family business of scaring away"

And Ernie would just hang his head

And go out to try again and again and again

But, the fact was that little Ernie

Though he tried so hard to just be scary

He was just too cute

Much to the shame of his family

He was just too cute to boo.