in the world we live in

we have crooked people, ruined politicians

these are the people ruling our nation

thinking they have the right ideas

not bothering to say that their ideas

will only benefit themselves and what they want

in the world we live in

we have people starving to death

while others sit down at a smorgasboard feast

throwing out half of what was prepared

destroyed, wasted

in the streets of third world countries

children pick up arms and fight wars

to the death, without a second thought

I mean, what could there be for them

thats more than what they have come to know

an existence of tragic misfortune

where each day is a struggle for survival

the difference between rich and poor

grows greater almost on a daily basis,

the greed of some growing bigger

in the world we live in

people turn inward and ignore whats going on

a woman being abused or raped a child being neglected

its on the news and all we can do

is just sit and say how horrible is that

while doing nothing at all to raise a stopping hand

and all I can say is that this can not be reality

that these things that occur, these tragedies

must be something of a world worse than the one I live

but it all comes boiling down to an end

this IS our reality, our tragedy, our deepest shame

this ethereal world is the one we live

where millions die every day that shouldn't

when the actions of people around the world could prevent it

but they choose not to

this world, the people in it

ach trying to do the best they can and failing miserably

and all I can do is sit and ask why

why is it so hard for one person to help another

in this ethereal world