Fear the inevitable


drive of desire

That which lights the inner fire

fear that which gives reason

To chase dreams through the mire

to find within oneself treason of the highest cause

Sell yourself out for what you want

That's the name of the game

to lose yourself in all the fame

Downgraded by something so simple yet so overpowering

a carnal instinct with the power of history guiding it forward

Yes, fear that which you want

Because it never turns out

The way you want it

a miscalculation of epic proportion

so grandiose as to usurp from your mind

the position of highest priority

a selfish cause, a selfish heart

to sacrifice everything else for just one thing

That which you want the most

a dream, a vision whatever you may call it

Desire, fate's vixen calling you forward

to complete that which drives you forward

Fear what you desire