I said I love you

you said you love me too

I told you that you were my everything

and you said I was what you need

then you asked a question that brought me to my knees

asking if I would ever leave

and I said, baby, I won't go

please don't go down that road

we hold each other each and every night

we kiss each other and we never fight

we love each other and it just feels so right

and then you ask, what if someone tempts you

what would make you stay with me

and I say, baby please don't go down that road

I will never leave you


no, luv, I will never stray

but what if.

please dear, just let me finish what I have to say

I will love you until the end of our days

but what if you get bored of me?

that will never happen, baby

What if you get tired of me?


But, but, but, what if...

Sweetie, please don't go down that road