Every Halloween, I shake and I shiver

from something so frightening ss to silently deliver

my secret fears, my hidden shame, a darkness

on my soul like a blight of cold thoughts and bleak landscape

Twisting to break free to hear me scream

with the torment of a soul on the edge of the world

Getting ready to fall off into an abyss

and all you do is ask what is this

What is this thing that has you frightened

scared like a child that has seen their first horror flick

What could have you shaking so badly

That you're too afraid to even leave your house on

All Hallow's Eve and I say to you, it's true

that there is a force in this world that comes every year,

at this time, a force so malicious

that it drains my courage

and leaves me so alone in the dark

a small little object

of yellow, of orange and of white

Pointed and not depending on the end you hold up

and come this Halloween

Again I will hide myself away

again, I will have to go

Because Kandy Korn?

it's just evil, yo.