The little girl rode serenely past a wall of small shops, pedaling her small white bicycle with a lazy pleasure. She could not have been more than three or four years old, as the bicycle with little bigger than she was. She turned her head to look back down the quiet street bathed in the mid-morning sun.

The street was deserted except for parked cars on either side of the street, and a curious spider-man pedaling graciously down the street on a bicycle much bigger than hers. The frame of the bicycle was, however, too small for his legs, which protruded out sideways as he pedaled slowly.

From what the little girl could see, he was very tall and thin, and his legs were allowing him to travel a much greater distance than she could. A little unnerved by this single presence, she pedaled a little faster around the corner. She had been nearing the post office, squashed between lines of houses, when the spidery man caught up to her. He lent in close to her, so that only she would be able to hear his sing-song voice as he sang to her: "Staaaaa-lkers, everybody's staaaaa-lking you".

The little girl, now quite frightened, pedaled even harder on her small white bicycle, though this did little to shake off this lanky man with long thin spider legs. He continued to pedal beside her with ease, keeping a distance of around two yards as he followed her around the next corner. She spotted her house and pulled into the gate, stopping as she entered her safety grounds.

The man stopped too, muttering something in a low, rapid voice, before pushing the little girl off the bike and wrenching the cycle away from her. He pedaled away at the same, slow, carefree pace, his spider-legs moving in an eerie, melodic fashion; with the small white bike held in one hand by his side.