And the heavens grow dark slowly at
The coming of clouds from the depths of hell
Sending waves of terror that
These two have come to know all too well.

From the ground below, the demons emerge
Undead creatures with sights set on death
Upon the denizens of the world they converge
Aiming to wrestle away the living's breath.

The air has gone heavy and silently still
For a moment time seems to be frozen
And then in an instant falls the first kill
Death by a pair refusing to be broken.

She bears in her hand a blade of purple flame
Her very own life force pulses in the blaze
She'll fight to her death but not for her fame
She stands tall in the midst of a blood haze.

In her chest beats a heart that's twisted
In her eyes flickers a flame of pain and rage
Her soul resides with a mind that's conflicted
She was a wounded animal left to die in a cage.

But then she learned the existence of caring
She learned that someone could be trusted
Life became manageable with someone sharing
The burden that she had been entrusted.

And while he's never been one of bravery
He will stand tall at her side through it all
Because he has fallen into love's slavery
He knows that either they'll both live or fall.

And so together they stand up to face the dead
That have risen up from their graves
They'll force these demons back to eternal bed
Or else the world will never be saved.

She stands up and smiles pleasantly his way
He smiles back nervously and thinks of the fight
As together they go forward into the fray
That starts to rage in the blood-red twilight.