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Mia grimaced as she dropped Amaryl's mud-soaked clothes into the washing machine. The youngest sister of the family, had an innocent look on her face when she walked into the drawing room of the manor, dripping water all over the silk carpet. it was raining outside today, and Mia knew that Amaryl loved playing in the rain. Didn't mean she had to like it. And she didn't like the fact that there wasn't any detergent on hand either.



Leah had been fined for attacking a youngster earlier in the day. She'd thrown a flaming pie at the youngster who'd shattered her precious car to pieces, and the police took her in, not even bothering to look at the fact that she had been the one victimised first. As a result, Leah's temper was up to dangerously high levels, and both Mia and the twins had been treading carefully around her for the last few hours. Only Amaryl tried to talk to her once or twice, and now Mia.

"Um, I can't find the detergent..."


"O-okay..." Mia sweatdropped. "Meriam?"

"Yes?" Prim and proper Meriam stepped into the bathroom, her cold blue eyes staring up at Mia. Somehow, Meriam was the oddball of the family, managing to creep everyone out but herself. It was astonishing, the difference between the two twins. While Amaryl was childish and happy-go-lucky, Meriam was a strict rule-follower.

"Where's the detergent?" Mia asked, warily. Sometimes it seemed as if Meriam was the one ready to explode, not Leah.

"Leah destroyed it eariler when she was blasting things in the house." Meriam told her in an emotionless, no-nonsense voice. Mia gulped.

"A-ah, thanks. Is there any more left?"

"None at all."


So she'd have to go out on this dreary, rainy grey evening to buy laundry detergent. Oh joy. Her attention was diverted though, when she heard a very risque remark blaring from the television.

"I like big butts."

"Oh, you do, do you?"

Mia felt her face redden in anger and marched out of the bathroom. "Amaryl, what the heck are you watching?!"

Amaryl was at the dining table. "I'm not watching anything, it's Leah." She drawled. "She just threw me out of the TV room and locked the door after herself."

Mia scowled. "She seriously needs some lessons in anger management." Amaryl sighed.

"I pity Leah. I don't know about you, Mia, but I don't think it's easy to control fire."

Mia sighed as well. "I hate having Aura, sometimes." Amaryl looked positively affronted. "What are you saying?! Aura is what makes us special! You can't just turn your back on it."

"Says the person who doesn't have to put up with Aura in the first place."

"You think using Aether is easy?" Amaryl looked angry. "You think having to channel your magic through a sword is fun? Do you think I like it, Mia?"

Mia was taken aback. Amaryl was usually the docile one - with an attitude, sure, but still, she never tended to explode. Everyone of their kind respected Amaryl for being the first person in a century to wield Aether, the magic of wishcraft. But Amaryl herself had trouble using it, and had to use a specially made sword to channel it. And she hated it.

"I'm sorry Ama. I didn't mean..."

"No, it's okay, I'm sorry to explode on you too. I shouldn't take it all out on you." Amaryl smiled sadly at Mia, who suddenly felt like hugging her youngest sister. But this moment of familiarity between the two sisters was broken when Leah shouted.

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