"Another, mommy, please?" five year old Hope begged her mother. Kayla laughed ruffling her daughter's red hair.

"Which should we start now?" Kayla asked.

"Um… Swiss Family Robinson," Hope said. Kayla smiled walking over to the bookshelf near the door of their makeshift home. She looked out the window worriedly. Window, was perhaps being kind. It was actually a hole in the cave that they were sleeping in for the week. "Mommy? Are you okay?"

"Yes, sweetie," Kayla said smiling at her daughter. "Hope, honey, I want you to remember something always."

"What is it?" Hope asked.

"Knowledge is freedom," Kayla said taking the book and sitting next to Hope on the bed made of leaves and a moth eaten blanket. She leaned forward so she could see by the small candle that was lit. "There is nothing more important than learning and knowing where you come from. Will you remember that, Hope?"

"I'll try," Hope said solemnly.

"That's my girl," Kayla said kissing Hope on the forehead. "Now, let's start."