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Finding Mr Right

By Raingypsy

Chapter One


Ella Smit lives an ordinary, if not dull life. A senior at Yanada Public High School, Ella divides her time between her family and three older siblings and her best-though sometimes unbearable- friend, Mitch. Like any normal teenager, Ella yearns for excitement though in the monotonous, sleepy town of Yanada this is sometimes a struggle. Follow Ella as she searches for Mr Right, a journey involving new faces, surprsing discoveries and shock revelations.

'Happy New Year,' the crowd yelled simultaneously, as everyone welcomed in the new year. Hats were thrown in the air, plastic horns blown and party popper popped. From the side lines, Ella Smit watched as couples, her age and younger, enveloped each other in 'new year' kisses. She sighed as she spotted Mitch from across the room, a beer in one hand and a girl in the other.

Typical, she muttered shaking her head, Stupid Mitch and his stupid promises.

Ella had reluctantly attended the party that night on the condition that Mitch wouldn't do his usual party trick and vanish the second they walked through the door. Yet, once again, Ella found herself sitting alone while Mitch mingled with his mates and flirted with the females in the room. They were only in Year 12, yet Mitch already had a reputation as a heart-breaker and as he constantly told Ella, 'Girls, like any good food, have a use by date.' It wasn't that she didn't enjoy parties, the right theme and music and she was the John Travolta of the dance floor. It was more these type of parties she hated, ones with drunken girls flinging themselves at even drunker boys, couples dry humping on the dance floor. No, Ella was looking for much more than a one night stand. She had been there and the morning after wasn't pretty. No, Ella was looking for love.

Skolling the rest of her drink, Ella decided for the first time in her life she would make a news years resolution, and stick to it. Ella was going to find her Mr Right, no matter what.

A figure sat down beside Ella, breaking her from her reverie.

'Hi,' the stranger said and Ella noted his high cheekbones, sparkling green eyes and dark shaggy hair. The overall effect was rather handsome.

'Hey,' Ella replied brightening a little.

'I'm Matt,' he said and Ella shook his outstretched hand.

'I'm ---'

'Ella' he finished sheepishly, 'I did some background research'.

Ella raised her eyebrows and they both laughed. They began to chat and Ella discovered that Matt was eighteen years of age, worked full time as an apprentice carpenter and lived about ten minutes from her house. They exchanged phone numbers and Ella felt a twinge of hope. Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Mitch.

'Ready to go?' he asked, slightly swaggering on his feet.

'Ah, I,' she stuttered, jerking her head towards Matt, trying to subtlety get rid of Mitch.

Mitch seemed to get the hint but instead of leaving, continued on.

'C'mon, C'mon, you've got a curfew and I promised I'd have you home,' he said.

Matt looked across at Ella in confusion.

'You're brother?' he questioned.

'Unfortunately not. Very annoying friend.' she exasperated.

Mitch clicked his fingers in front of Ella, drawing her attention back to him.

'Hello? We're going. Come on,' he reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her up from the staircase.

'Sorry, sorry,' she called over her shoulder as she was dragged away from Matt.

'You'll call?'

He shot her a broad grin, 'Promise'.

'What was that all about?' Ella demanded, wrenching her arm from Mitch's tight grasp. They had just left the house and had started to walk the short distance home. The night air was cool and there was a gentle breeze that ruffled Ella's long brown hair.

'What was what about?' he remarked, staring drunkly at the night sky.

'You know exactly what I'm talking about. Couldn't you see I was busy?' Ella snapped, walking ahead of Mitch.

'Oh come off it. You weren't seriously thinking about seeing that douche?' he laughed, trying to catch up.

'He wasn't a douche. And since when do you care so much. I didn't interfere when you were chatting up Big Tits Bessie'.

'It's Betsy,' he laughed, 'And her boobs weren't that big'.

'I don't care! It's hypocrisy and I won't stand for it,' Ella said furiously, stamping her foot for emphasis.

'You're so cute when you're angry,' he remarked as they reached her front doorstep.

'Don't use that line of me. Just stop interfering in my life.' She yelled and opened the front door walking inside.

They stood at the doorway in silence until Mitch spoke; 'Do you still want a ride to school on Monday?'

'Yes please,' Ella murmured feeling guilty for yelling at him. He flashed her a toothy grin.

'Night El,' he said softly before whistling a tune, made his way down her pebbled driveway and into the darkness.

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