Barbie Gets Kidnapped

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Schools Out For Summer

Authors Note: Okay so I have like a thousand stories I'm already writing but...I've had this idea for ages, and I just never had the chance to write it until now, I will update on a regular basis so don't worry, the story will start from around her home life, so if your confused on any of the bits tell me, reviews are appreciated too. And thank you to my beta JessNutsss, for all that she's done. :)

Rating: T and later on probably M.

One minute I was standing on the curb waiting for my father, the next I was getting pulled into a car, with a whole load of scary people, WAIT there's a hot buff guy.

Karly's POV.

"Bye mom, bye dad!" I called out to my parents and slammed the door right behind me. Today was going to be the best day I've had in a long time and that was because it was the last day of school. I even made a playlist of summer songs that I listened to on the ride to school! Mad, I know. But actually, when you think about all those months you could whatever you wanted with no teachers to answer to, it's impossible not to get excited. As I parked my car, I noticed my best friend Shelby waiting for me. And once she saw me, making my way to her, she started squealing in a voice slightly too loud for me.

"Karly! Oh my god, can you believe it? We'll be seniors next year! Aren't you excited?" She said in that perky, cheerleader voice of hers.

To be honest, I wasn't excited about being a senior because that meant I was growing up. Meaning I would take entrance exams to dozens of schools and before I knew it, I would be in College already. That scared the crap out of me.

"Totally. I can't wait to rule the school!" Even as I joked, I could actually imagine Shelby bossing everyone around given that she was already the queen of the school. I looked at her and felt inadequate next to her. She was probably the prettiest girl in school: she had long brown hair, shimmering green eyes, seductive lips that was always stained with bright red lipstick. I felt like a sneaker-wearing shadow next to her. Unlike Shelby, I didn't think of myself as pretty. Even though I had blonde hair and blue eyes that people swore made me look like a Barbie doll, I just couldn't see it. I ought to be a cheerleader like Shelby, but honestly, I hate cheerleading. It just reminded me of girls who wanted to show off their body in front of the boys. I only hung out with the popular crowd mainly because of Shelby. Although in our clique, I stood out – in a bad way. Among the girls, I was the only one who wore jeans and sneakers instead of the usual miniskirts and heels. My make-up was kept simple, if I even bothered with make up, that is. Shelby always reminded me that I didn't look the part. Not in a mean, patronizing way, though. She was my best friend and she just wanted what's best for me. Nevertheless, she didn't force me to change and nothing stopped me from wearing what I wanted.

"I know, right? In the latest headlines: Shelby and Karly the IT Girls!" she said enthusiastically and even made hand gestures.

"Um, like you don't already own the school, Shell." It was undeniable, of course. She knew I was right. Every boy in school fancied her.. except for the three math geeks who liked me.

"True, true. I mean, watch this." She said and blew a kiss to the boys in the hall line. Some winked and blew kisses back, while others just blushed furiously.

"Shell, you are such a tease. Come on, let's go to class before we get in trouble again for being late." And with that, we headed off to our classes.

All day, my classes were all crap and kind of weird, too. For one, I had this scary looking kid whom I've never seen before during first period. Very bizarre, I know, especially since it was the last day of school. But that wasn't the weirdest part. All day long, he kept on staring at me and showing up in places where I would went to. Yup, he was in all of my classes. I tried to ignore his presence, though, and I just kept on reminding myself that it was the last day and that I would never see him again. Or at least not in a long time.

Once the day ended, I bid goodbye to Shell and promised her I would meet her tomorrow to go to the beach. Finally happy to be free, I ran to my car immediately. I tried to start my engine, but it wasn't working. I was seriously more annoyed than scared and didn't think much about it. I just phoned my dad and asked him to come get me. Waiting on the curb was like waiting for a lifetime to pass by. I was in a foul mood already. I was so excited to start my summer already, and yet there I was, stuck in school and waiting for my father. I watched the clock tick. Five minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen, and finally twenty. I had been waiting for twenty minutes and my dad still hasn't arrived. I was about to call him again when I noticed the same weird guy whom I saw earlier still staring at me. I decided to give him one of my signature Karly dirty looks. It obviously didn't work because before I knew it, two pairs of strong hands grabbed me and tried to force me down.

"Get off me, you pervs!" I screamed and kicked one of them where it hurt. He started to groan, but I still couldn't get away because the other person had a tight grip on me. Then once they have successfully pulled me down, I saw one of them pull out a big needle. That's when I knew it was real. I was shocked, and I panicked. I tried to fight them off, but I wasn't that strong enough. There is no way they'd prick me with that, I thought. What did I ever do to them? I screamed as loud as I could, calling for help, but it seemed as though no one was around.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed again. I felt my tears start to fall and my whole body shake. I was praying so hard for my dad to arrive. To save me from whatever it was that was happening. The men around me, whom I assumed were men because of their tight strong grips, dug the needle in me. I felt the piercing pain as it went deeper and deeper inside me. I cried and screamed, and felt intense pain. Then everything went black…