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Mission Impossible

An apology doesn't make things right.
If anything, it just helps you sleep better at night.
I know you meant well, but words will never change a thing.
You're so selfish you wouldn't even let me in on the coldest of nights.

Karlys POV.

Before I knew it the good looking one began to walk right up to my face, and was now standing right in front of him, he looked even better looking. He stared at me for what felt like hours, until he began to untie me from the chair.

''Follow me,'' he said. Strongly pulling me into a tight grip, with this I walked out the room, not saying one word, but following his lead. Once we got to our destination, he pushed me into a bedroom that was right around the corner from the basement. Compared to that though there was more colour to it and it was allot more fresher too. He left me in that bedroom on my own and locked the doors behind him, I didn't know what to do though because the windows were boarded up so no matter what I did, there was no way I could of escaped that room.

It was boring and plain. There was a king sized bed right next to the boarded up window and a wardrobe that had no clothes in, which I thought was stupid. Then I noticed a little mirror on the right hand side of the wall. Gazing through it, I nearly had a panic attack, my face was full of cuts, that would probably scar, and my hair was dirty, with bits dust and blood and god knows whats else. This wasn't the me I knew I looked like a hobo, and then there it was again that I noticed I was crying again, this time though I had a major breakdown, I just couldn't stop the salty water from dripping from my eyes. That's when I found myself waking up to a pair of ocean blue eyes staring at me. I fell right off the bed onto my bum. That hurt.

''Ow.'' I mumbled rubbing my now bruised bum. I heard laughing up on the bed, did he think that was funny? ''That was not funny!'' I moaned.

''Didn't say it was,'' he mimicked. I knew he wasn't going to help me off the ground so I decided to take this opportunity to get up and hide from him, finding the only thing I thought would keep me from him, I went and locked myself in the tiny wardrobe.

''You know that wardrobe wont save you from me, I have an extra key to get in it,'' so my stupid plan to get away from him didn't work, but I was still not moving from in the wardrobe I was kind of getting used to the nice warmness compared to the cold in the bedroom.

''So I don't care, I'm still not coming out!'' I whined like a little 5 year old. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later that I noticed he wasn't in the room anymore I took it as the time to come out. Looking over at the bed I saw he had left me some breakfast 'how sweet', I mean how dumb of him, but as I was starving I decided to eat it, every inch of it. Once I was done, I noticed the door to the hall was open, he must of left it open by accident. I decided to take it as the chance to try and find a way of escaping there was no way I could of stayed in this freak show of a place.

Tip toeing out of the room, I noticed the place way was bigger then I thought, there was a room opposite the one I was in and about 3 more doors on my right and left side. Seeing some stairs that led upwards I knew now was the time to do the mission impossible theme tune and try and get out of there. I got up to the top of the stairs to find 2 of the guys in the kitchen area, luckily they didn't spot me. It was the Freddie dude and another one I hadn't seen before. Skipping across from them to the next hall way, I thought I had made it, I felt like once I had opened that exit door I would be free, like a bird, at last. Well that was until I felt someone put there hand over my mouth and push me up the wall. Looking up I noticed it was the hot looking one again. His face was red, mixed with anger, this was it he was going to kill me.

''Don't scream, you idiot, what the fuck do you think your playing at? Trying to run away?'' He was pissed off. I stood still, listening to my heart beat faster and faster, I wondered if he could hear it.

''I umm-''

''You know it's a good job I found you, if it was any of the other guys I couldn't image what they would do.'' He took me back into the bedroom well more like dragged me and then pushed me onto the floor. It looked like all the anger had took over him, he blew up like a volcano.

''You are such a stupid bitch you no that? Okay so we kidnapped you, but with good reasons, you have got to understand that these people who your in the same house with are the worlds most dangerous criminals, I'm not kidding either, you carry on acting like a brat and you'll end up 6 feet under. It's happened before, I'm sure they'll do it again.'' He took me by surprise when he said someone ended up 6 feet under before, I thought they were just dirty middle aged perverts, wanting a bit of action, but the way he was making it out now, it was like he was there for a different reason.

''So you've killed someone before?'' I asked. My voice sounded like a chipmunk, because of how scared I was.

''Plenty of times.'' He didn't even look upset about it, he kept a straight face on, like it didn't bother him.

''Is that the reason why I'm here? Because you want to kill me?'' I tried to keep a straight face too, but it so wasn't working because the tears started filing inl my eyes. I really needed to stop crying that's all I had been doing in the last 24 hours.

''No your here for another reason, one of which you can't know about at the moment, but carrying on acting stubborn and maybe we will have to change our plans.'' I gulped and nodded. I didn't understand why they wanted me here for. I was nothing special, then again he could of been lying to me, so I didn't do another mission impossible.

''How do I know your not lying to me? I mean for all I know you could be planning on killing me.''

''Well If I wanted to kill you, don't you think I would of done that already?'' He had a good point. ''But I must warn you, even though I wouldn't touch a finger on you, I can't really say the same for the other guys, I mean they've done pretty much everything you can name, and to make things worse your a pretty girl, so it would be hard to resist.'' I blushed at his comment, and ignored the compliment. After that he just left room not even saying a goodbye, leaving me all on my own.

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