The Triangle by Koi19
She's mine. Maddy saw him say. What was she going to do?

Triangle: 1. 3-sided figure: a two-dimensional geometric figure formed of three sides and three angles. 2. 3-person relationship: an emotional or sexual relationship involving three people.
Madison glanced at her boyfriend and smiled, though she couldn't help but feel a tiny flicker of disdain. Jack smiled back, taking her hand in his as he turned his attention back to the game on TV.

There must be something wrong with me, she thought idly. She had a cute boyfriend who adored her, even if he could be a bit… insecure.

She felt her wrist turn and looked up.

"Where'd you get this?" he asked softly, referring to the charm bracelet that was currently jingling on her wrist.

"Oh, Corry let me hold it today in school. Said it brings out my eyes."

Jack nodded and looked away. After a moment passed he turned back. "Corry?"

"Yea, said I could keep it as long as I wanted." She replied purposely refusing to say 'he' or 'she,' forcing her smile to remain.

Here it comes.

"A boy?"


"Get rid of it."

Madison pulled her hand from his and toyed with a charm. "Why?"

"Because I said so."

Her thin smile fell. She didn't take kindly to orders, especially not for such a stupid reason. "No."

"Why not?"

"Because I like it and my friend lent it to me."

"I'll buy you a better one."

She stood, unable to keep her disdain from her tone now. "I like this one. I'm going to the store."

"I'll come-"

"I'll be fine alone." she pulled the door shut firmly behind her, sighing as the door clicked.

Walking down her front steps she shook her head. Jack was crazy about her. So much so that it caused him to be a little severe where other males were concerned.. But no matter what, she just couldn't seem to feel the same.

She couldn't figure out why.

"Hey Maddy." the soft, deep, masculine voice startled her and she turned, smiling at the familiar tone.

"Hi Noah." she tilted her head back to meet his eyes as he came closer. He was a hulk of a teen, but everything about him was gentle and playful.

"Where you going?"

"Store. Come with?" her step had a slight bounce to it as they fell into a comfortable silence.

Her wrist jingled and he looked.

"Nice bracelet. It matches your eyes."

She huffed in surprise, although pleased. "Thanks," she murmured softly.


Noah followed her through the aisles until they reached the juices in back when they entered the store. She was examining her choices when she suddenly found herself pulled backwards.

His embrace was tight and clasping, amicable but done in a manner that indicated they were much more.

And they were, or at the very least, had been. They'd grown up together, dated for a while and then simply fell apart. There was no reason as to why they did, it just happened. And as easily as they ended, that's how easily it started. They hadn't just dated once, they'd gotten back together several times, only to end up the same. They could transition from friends to lovers and back again with unparalleled ease.

He nuzzled her ear and she froze in terror and delight. Oh this was so wrong.

"I've missed you Maddy." The cycle was starting again.

But there was something different this time.

Reluctant, she pulled away, smiled but shook her head. No hard feelings. She hadn't told him but some of his family members knew she was currently in a relationship. Hand on the fridge door, his hand covered hers. She turned to face him, instantly recognizing his expression. He was aggressive over the things he was passionate about, and they were rare. By some struck chance, Madison happened to be one of them.

His lips molded against hers, fitting their bodies together before she could form a question.

She placed her palms firmly against his chest, not pushing him away - he was far too big for that. Nonetheless he recognized the gesture and pulled away, resting his forehead to hers.

"I love you."


"I love you," more insistently.

A tremor.

"I love you Maddy," he told her firmly.

A pause.

"I love you too." She answered finally, unable to restrain the response that came as naturally as breathing.

As though he could hear what she was thinking, Noah smiled.


Bag of junk in hand, Noah firmly planted at her side, Madison left the store. She really had no idea what she'd bought - Noah had picked out everything, down to her juice. Honestly, she was too deep in though to really pay attention.

She felt so horrible. Jack was a great boyfriend - even if he was a little overprotective. Hell he couldn't help that, and… maybe he had reason to be.

Again they walked in silence back to her house. Madison suddenly stopped about 5 houses from her own although she still had to cross the street.

Noah stared at her home, hard. "He's in there, isn't he? Your boyfriend?"

He knew. "So why did you-"

"I need you Madison." he said quietly. "And I know you need me too. You can feel it. This is right - we are right."

And there was the answer she'd ignored so much. Why they fell apart, time and time again? The intensity. The finality. One of them couldn't deal with their sheer inevitability. No. She couldn't deal with it. Noah had accepted it just fine, hell, he was even aware of it. It overwhelmed her every time.

She'd been unable to face the reality of their relationship, willing to be with him, but ultimately unable to settle down.

They were just teenagers dammit.

So she'd continuously fled.

And Noah had let her go. Knowing that if he asked, when he asked, she would return to him without hesitation.

Where Noah had refused to date, so had she. Until she'd gone out with her sisters friend as a favor. A few months later and here Maddy was, dating him. She'd been unable to refuse him when he nearly begged her to give him a chance (not that he'd ever admit it happened that way.)

And now he waited for her to return.

"I'll see you later Noah."

"Soon," he promised as she crossed the street, not bothering to press his issue.

There was always time.

"I'm back," she called as she entered the living room.

Jack stood by the couch, book bag slung over his shoulder. He turned the TV off as she put her bag on the table in front the couch.

"I'm leaving."

"Oh ok." No! That's not right, she reminded herself. "No, wait, what? Why?"

Jack stared at her for a moment as if he wanted to say something. "My mother called, she needs me to pick up my little sister. I gotta go now to make it on time," he replied instead.

"Oh ok, then I'll talk to you later?"

"Yea." He pulled her to the door with him as he went. Once they were on top of her steps he kissed her, his lips crushing hers, his hands tight on her hips. "I love you Madison."

This time her silence wasn't forced.

As if expecting her reaction, Jack gave a small laugh, the sound almost bitter to her ears. "I'm not worried. Someday, you'll feel the same."

She gave a small albeit unconvinced nod, "bye Jack."

He started down the stairs, pulling his bag on securely before heading up her block.

Madison sighed, turning to go into her house. She suddenly stopped, spotting Jack's still form a few houses away. His back was to her, which only piqued her confusion.

She followed his trail of vision to… to Noah who stood atop his own staircase, his expression equally hard as he kept his eyes locked on Maddy's boyfriend.

Feeling slightly claustrophobic, despite being out in the open, Maddy backed into her house and shut the door but not before she caught what Noah mouthed, a small smirk on his face. She leaned against the wall and sank to the floor, trying to control her breathing.

She's mine.

What was she going to do?

A/N: Based on a very real situation that has since dissolved itself thank goodness. Maddy had to make some very hard choices, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do....
Maybe I'll post what went down with each guy as separate chapters. Opinions?
And hey, they'd be up soon cuz it really happened so there's no: 'Omg, what should I make happen next?' It already took place.

Btw, The real Jack and Noah have never even seen each other Irl.
All name have been changed to attain a semblance of privacy.