For "said person".
- Aei.

Words to Actions

I never knew how hard it is

Transforming my words to actions.

I'm trying hard, I really am;

There are just many distractions.

From the moment we met I thought

That the simple words were enough

But the things we've faced makes turning

My words to actions, well, tough.

From an "I love you" to a kiss,

From an "I care" to a long hug;

I will do anything for you

To know your love is like a drug.

You said my apologies are

Meaningless and I guess that's true.

I said "I am sorry" too much

That it lost its true value.

"Love is the concept of rising

And falling," was your one reply;

I beg to differ, I want you

To feel like you're strolling the skies.

For you to feel special, loved, and

Cared for is what I want to do.

Now I know words are not enough;

Please, give me a chance to show you.

They say: All the world is a stage;

And now it is my time to shine.

Turn the spotlight, relax; I am

Ready to show you that you're mine.

It's not going to be easy,

There will be imperfections;

But it is about time that I

Transform my words to actions.